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[UPDATED] Kingdom Hearts III featured in the February issue of Dengeki PlayStation; including a 16-page booklet


Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on the cover for the upcoming February 2019 issue of Dengeki PlayStation. In addition, a special 16-page booklet covering the game will also be included. The issue will be available on Friday, December 28th.

The last time Kingdom Hearts was featured on the cover of Dengeki PlayStation was the December 2016 issue where Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue was featured with a drawing done by Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura.

Thanks to @DKHF_ for the tip!

UPDATE [Dec 27, 2018]: The issue is now out! The special 16-page booklet within features a world guide, battle guide, Dengeki editors/writers remembering Kingdom Hearts over the years, character archives, and the history of the series! Keep an eye on our website and social media, as we will provide translations of any new information within this issue, soon.

UPDATE [Jan 7, 2019]: While the issue contains no new information on Kingdom Hearts III, it contains an interesting interview with Dengeki PlayStation editors who have been covering Kingdom Hearts news on the magazine since the original title. KH13 Staff @Mio-chan has translated the interview, which you can read below.



Let’s talk about a few KHIII points while looking back to memorable scenes of the series!

Voice of the KINGDOM

A special project where editors and writers who have been in charge of the KH series at Dengeki PS talk about their memories. While looking back at past opuses, we will explore parts that lead to KHIII!

•There are way too many characters that I want to be saved!

Editor M: KHIII will release in only a month, but how do you feel about it?

Z Satō: The feeling of "So we finally went that far, ehh!" Since the first work released in 2002, I’ve been following this series for 16 years.

Suzutaku: I was from a generation who played in real time from middle school to high school, so for me it looks like KH = youth, something like that (laughs). Just thinking about how KHIII be finally completed, I feel like tears are about to roll down my face...

Editor M: Even if it’s completed, KHIII is only the end of the Dark Seeker saga. I guess it’s better to express it as "one place to stop." With many unresolved mysteries in the story, is there something that you are particularly interested about at the moment?

Suzutaku: As expected, to know who the "7 Lights" and the "13 Darknesses" are, that intrigues me for sure! My head has been hazy since KH3D, when those words came out for the first time. Bah, for the 7 Lights the candidates will be considerably narrowed down.

Z Satō: If you think about it in order, shouldn’t it be Sora, Riku, Kairi, The King, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua maybe?

Suzutaku: Or perhaps, there is a possibility that Lea will be one of them, considering he became a Keyblade wielder!

Z Satō: Personally, I am anxious to know what will happen to Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. From the moment I played at KH Birth by Sleep, those 3 unresolved endings have been painful... (weak laugh).

Editor M: I guess the actions of those three will become an important point in KHIII, huh.

Suzutaku: However, Ventus is sleeping in a certain place, Aqua has fallen into the Darkness, and it’s hard to know where Terra even is, so they all seem to have gone through a lot of hardships. And so has Sora!

Z Satō: Yes, especially Terra whose heart's and body's situation is unknown, I am really concerned. Personally, I think Xemnas is the key to revive him. Xemnas called Aqua’s armor "friend" in a previous opus and was looking for the "Room of Awakening", so it seems that some of Terra’s memories remained in him.

Suzutaku: Whatever we say, we want them to be saved. In the KH series, besides Terra and his friends, there are lots of characters who met a sad end like Roxas and Xion...

Editor M: I don’t want to discourage you, but I wonder if can we... truly save Roxas?

Suzutaku: What are you saying! Of course we can!!

Editor M: Wait wait, I want him to be saved too. But unlike Terra, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé have returned where they should return. And because it seems difficult to exist by themselves, even if you try to save them, it’s more about how they can do it. Will this become an important plot point in KHIII?

Suzutaku: I’m sure it will be fine. Because a great man once said, "Hearts and existences that had disappeared may be recovered"!

Z Satō: Half of the 13 Darknesses have been identified, little by little. During KH3D, there were 6 people, but then Vanitas, Marluxia and others joined steadily.

Suzutaku: The 13th is the one we should pay attention to. People who played at KH3D should probably know that, but the 13th vessel seat was vacant thus far. In KHIII, someone will surely be targeted to be the 13th vessel.

Editor M: It seems that ex-members of the Organization XIII appeared as human beings, and I am looking forward to each of their moves. Some people joined the New Organization, while people like Lea and Ienzo became Sora’s allies.

Suzutaku: Personally, I am really happy that all the Organization members' true names are likely to be revealed in KHIII. I really love the fact that they are anagrams! Also, I feel there wasn’t any clear plan for Lea and Isa’s boyhood, so I’m really glad that something will be depicted around it.

Z Satō: Is there any other thing in your mind?

Editor M: I'm thinking about the "black box."

Z Satō: Ah yes, that is certainly intriguing.

Editor M: It’s a word that came out in KHx Back Cover, and since it was alluded to in KHIII too, I think there is some kind of connection.


« Let’s help those with no heart! »
People like Roxas, Xion, and others met a sad end. Due to the origin of their birth, existing alone is difficult. Will the day come when they’ll be saved!?

« Where the place changes, their appearances also change. »
The appearances of Sora and his friends change according to the surroundings of the visited world.

« It exceeded the scale of a mini-game. »
The series' main mini-game, the Gummi Ship. In the latest work, the Gummi ship sections underwent significant changes, such as an increased scale, allowing you to explore freely.



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Can't wait for the translations, also, I'll be picking up the OPM magazine as they had Sora on the cover, so they might have some kind of editorial on it. Hopefully there'll still be some in store tomorrow

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2 minutes ago, kristi-swat said:

why is it called February though if it releases in December? 

I used to work in a newsagents so don't take my word for it

Generally speaking when a magazine reaches the date on the cover, the shops know that they need to be sent back to the publisher, if there's any copies left. It's also because each issue needs a different barcode, with the last two digits being the month numbers.

Monthly magazines actually have about 13 issues per year, so the 13th issue of the year is always barcoded as 01 of the next year so as to not mess up the systems. Which just perpetuates the cycle.

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