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  1. You're a fool. It's on the same page just press " Back to Album " or "Groovin the Moo photos." Yeah its fair that you vote for the best design but not when everyone else is using this method : > And thanks Javelin ! Appreciate it.
  2. HEYYY EVERYONE most of you probably don't remember me or know me but I'd really appreciate if you could vote for my logo design by pressing LIKE on this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151948684812061&set=a.10151948683152061.1073741842.240108447060&type=3&theater The most amount of votes = win!!! My history - This is just something I was just having fun with at the start of this year before Uni holidays finished. I'm studying Communication Design (Graphic Design + Multimedia Design ) and currently in my second year. I do like drawing veryyy verrryyy much!!! Comment- Critique, whatever (But I can't change stuff for the design so : ( ) Thanks (:
  3. Hey guys! It's me (: Entered a competition which required me to do a logo and the only way I can win is if I can fish in the likes to my design so please thumbsup my design VIA this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151948684812061&set=a.10151948683152061.1073741842.240108447060&type=3&theater !!! Would really appreciate your help (:

    1. Sora96


      Holy shit, it's Clueless. Liked it.

    2. Clueless


      wow your the best ! Thanks haha I thought i'd give this website a try to do shameless promoting hehe. anyone is free to share this aswell for other people to like :P

  4. It depends what kind of budget you're looking at as well. Wacom is one of the most known graphic tablet brands so usually a lot of people get them, however they can become pricey. I started off with just a simple Bamboo Tablet (PEN AND TOUCH VERSION) from Wacom (was around the $140 mark, but I live in Aus, it could be cheaper where you are) and that's been with me since 2010. It's a really good beginners tablet because you can get pretty comfortable with it quite quickly. The hotkey buttons on the side are quite useful as well, and of course you are able to customise it! When using photoshop, or any other design program, it registers sensitivity quite well, so you are able to see the strokes differ depending on the pressure you put while using the tablet pen. They do come in different sizes I believe! I got the smallest one to fit my budget since I was younger and just started off with a job, but it gets the job done. There are also brands such as Adesso http://adesso.com/products/product-list-20.html, and Genius Easypen http://www.geniusnet.com/wSite/ct?xItem=46752&ctNode=174. I can't personally tell you how good these because I've never had them but I'm sure they're probably cheaper than Wacom ones. If you feel like spending a bit more though, the Intuos Wacom tablets come in a larger range, and more functionality. It also takes in a lot more pressure when you're drawing so it gives you a larger variation of linear strokes.
  5. Im a lesbian but I don't know how to tell my boyfriend of 3 years.

    1. Leaxel


      Retired mod come to visit?

    2. TheApprenticeofKingMickey
    3. Sora96


      Either DChiuch or a random Clueless visit.


  8. Wouldn't blame you - I thought this place would never live up to my other forum that I use to go on.
  9. the question is, where have YOOUUUUU been!

    1. sneezes


      too many places bby haha, miss you & every one else :(

  10. Dchiuch sucks peepee

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    2. Ivan


      I think he wants everyone's. You know, he can't get enough of it

    3. Clueless


      in that case i should make it peepee(s) : >

    4. Ivan
  11. omg u alive?

  12. You have improved heaps with your colouring and your line works, aswell as anatomy! Good on you : P
  13. They're very good. You seem very confident with your lines. Just make sure to look out on your anatomy proportions. In your full body drawings, the lower it goes the bigger things get [ololol so dirty] for example, the legs get really large and then the feet are bigger.
  14. I really liked how you turned lightning into anime style (: If you want to shade, you should try lightly circling your pencil motions until the lines blend together, that way your pencil marks are subtle and its consistant rather than shading with continuously straight lines.
  15. They're good. Just keep in mind not to press so hard on your pencil so then when you want to erase something it doesn't leave faded pencil marks. Try to do small soft sketchy lines as a plan before hand so then when you are sure of your drawing, thats when you do bold continuous [ if you want ] lines. It's much better to control your hand when you make small strokes, because if your lines are on going things start to become unsteady and boom. mistake.
  16. Your stuff is good, especially your eyed shading pieces. Just keep working on your anatomy and proportion and make sure everything is aligned.
  17. omgulay

    1. DChiuch
    2. Clueless


      your not meant for this site

    3. DChiuch


      What's that supposed to mean haha :(

  18. woo 500 days of summer! heereee is my advice - It's either the background is a really strong pink and since the guy is kinda the same colour, it gives it a mmm feeling to the focal point. my suggestion is to maybe darken them so then they don't blend into the bg toooo much?
  19. You should practice on your facial anatomy as well as body. It's good when starting off drawing though Just check out tutorials on different techniques on how to get the sizing and proportion right.
  20. The first tag has too many focal points, is a distraction on weather to look at the character on the left or the thing thats on the right. Its also really bright in many places, that even though the colour of [is that riku?] is dark it still doesn't contrast enough to look directly at him and to make out that hes kinda the centre of attention. The second sig also has too many focal points, aswell as different styles to it. Everything is kinda just too distracting and the colours don't match. Good job though
  21. Clueless

    oh my

    Yeah i dont like the eyes ): and her foreheads massive but yeah i think its too late now to change hahaha. i wish i could upload the finished product D: but i had to keep it at school thanks guys <3
  22. Clueless

    oh my

    Here is my miranda kerr picture I needed to draw her for art, the picture still isn't finished yet 3 cc please. http://violatedlove.tumblr.com/photo/1280/801849159/1/tumblr_l5g2cxyumk1qaiaie
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