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  1. haha thanks guys, appriciate it
  2. Yeah Cloud is probably my favourite. I haven't played many Final Fantasy games though unfortunately! Haha, as much as i loved that name, no, absolutely not. Nope What do i think of kh13, hmm, its certainly a lot bigger! When we first started it was really hard to attract new members and a lot of effort went into trying to get people to use our site. It was fun in highschool when the website first started, there are a few threads of Daniel and I and our friends just talking about random nonsense on the forum. Much of this has been deleted but you can definitely still find reminants of this; for example the thread in "website" saying " Who Hates KH13? Started by papandoniou7, 05 Apr 2009 " Was written by one of our friends at the time. A lot has changed in 6 years, but its still great to see how much kh13 has grown and how much fun you guys get out of it, even if its just meeting new people and talking about nothing!
  3. Hey its Aaron, feel free to ask me anything you like in this thread aswell. Yes I know most of you have no idea who I am haha!
  4. Okay ive asked daniel to have a look. Let me know if you notice it happening more and if there are any patterns
  5. What browser do you guys all use? Ill let daniel know about it again
  6. Hey guys sorry Ive been away overseas aswell. Is anyone still experiencing this problem? Ill have a look into it

    1. Snow


      dchiuch is too busy for your nonsense

  8. The 5.1 surround sound makes it really... not really
  9. Daniel (DChiuch) bought a Japanese phone haha. I'm sure ill give 2.5 a shot
  10. I have played it for a few hours. Not all the way through though If that makes you feel better
  11. Hey man, I played coded. Not Re;Coded. CODED. How many of you guys can say that!?
  12. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/event/conference2010/presentation/textE/slide/06l.jpg That is interesting. Says for both male and females the people who play it most are 1-3rd graders and 19-24 year olds.
  13. Yeah the actual story was okay. definitely not a fan but it could have been done okay if the episode had much better pacing. Like the pacing of the last season was what completely ruined it for me. First 10 epps about the wedding and the last 2 to sum it up?? Should be 2 about wedding and 10 to sum it up IMO.
  14. Thanks everyone. Appreciate it
  15. I definitely understand what you're saying but I don't think it's that much of a problem. You can always comment on something and express WHY you like something. Which I think the person would appreciate more.
  16. Pretty bad draw for Australia. Doubt we will make it out of Groups. The funniest thing is if we do make it out of groups we have to play Brazil in the round of 16 haha.
  17. You are clearly a master troll. Very impressed!
  18. Well I don't agree with that. And I don't think you should take things so personally.
  19. Why is it bothering YOU a lot? I don't whatever "girly-girls" are are beating people up or bullying anyone more than other types of people.
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