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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I'd be interesting but I think a 2-3 yr skip would be too long or too much.. I mean, Xehanort could've also gotten much stronger during that time. I'd say probably just another year..I'd like to see them change too but not too much
  2. Yes, im going to read every article i can after it comes out in jap.... too much excitement to just wait until i get a 3ds and until it comes out in english Dx
  3. yes, in fact im actually wearing my org coat right now im planning on cosplaying xion for a convention on feb. ...im not crazy or anything i just really like my coat TwT im even wondering wearing it to school....idk though...
  4. im not that bothered by his haircut...i actually like it what i really cant stand is the fact that they look younger D< really nomura i know this might be a bit silly but i dont think i'll get over it soon..
  5. i dont know but im not complaining though and i agree with the 'lea comes back because his heartless and nobody were destroyed' thing. about roxas, there's no way he'd come back like the redhead because his somebody is sora and he's already alive so.....axel's just coming back as lea
  6. hola! vaya ya es algo tarde D: pero bueno bienvenido! por cierto tu nombre es tan genial
  7. -when you throw glass bottles to your sick friend in hopes of healing him/her but in the end you just make it worse - you buy all of jesse's cds just to hear roxas sing -you spend all you money to buy a console ONLY because a kh game come out for it...coughcoughBBSandDayscoughcough -you buy lightsabers so you can feel like xemnas -when you make a list of all your possible Nobody names -whenever you hear jesse's or haley osment's voice you think of Sora and Roxas -when you start believing that God is actually KH..as in the heart-shaped moon (i dont mean to offend, its just a joke a friend once told me) -after you first see what the org member's room look like, you want to redecorate your room so it looks just like it i'd write more but i have to go to sleep ...i'd actually done a lot of these D: *is obssesed*
  8. OMGIKNEWITNOWONDERHE'SSOPIRATEYISHANDAWSEOMEEE 8DD ok no i really love xigbar though <3 srry 4 caps?
  9. wooo lol not only your sig but you username gave it away too
  10. maybe nomura thought it was time for more black haired characters? D: there already enough blonds as it is :heart: roxas, ventus, hayner, seifer, vexen, demyx, luxord, larxene... vs. xaldin, xigbar and now xion, vanitas and M.Eraqus owo
  11. man..idk what my real nobody name would be like T_T victoria + x = ..? T^T whatever the outcome, they all fail D': ...i had to use a nickname to make my 'actual' nobody name...(username lol)
  12. lol just thought i'd share this with you guys and for the captions...um... 1.-..there were this small!!! (lol idk) 2.- smells like........chicken -u- 3.- beeeeeeer...=
  13. owo i really liked your vid x3 especially near the end ;-; :heart::heart::heart: ..and yeah i love your little axie and roxie in the audience
  14. oh...well i still like Arlene ...and i cant imagine Axel and Sa
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