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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. there have been a lot of rumors about a new kh game (or a new announcement i should say) at e3. so this could be it. the only thing that keeps tripping me up is FIVE GAMES. you tell me that they not only remastered two ps2 games, but ALSO A GBA GAME (which they already kinda did btw), and a DS GAME. oh and lets throw in a psp game for lolz i guess. if its true, then i am absoutely buying a ps3. but i would much rather have a kh3 annoucenment, even though i know it is unlikely. tl;dr i doubt this is real, and i also doubt we will get any sort of kh news at e3. sorry folks, i am disappointed as all y'alls.
  2. face it, its true. they did not do they following things for nothing a)introduce the friendship between axel and isa (TWICE) b)give saix yellow eyes and a mysterious scar (make my words we will find out what this is c)did not give saix such a high command next to xemnas and for all those who said "it will be a new character", big deal he has lied before. and "isanort" would be a new character in theory
  3. i just want to point out how amazing this is
  4. this rule should apply to anyone reading/watching "song of ice and fire" and/or "game of thrones". so many things to spoil!!!!
  5. anyone remember when the trailer was released like 6 years ago, and everyone was like *jaw dropped* good times, good times. i was obsessed with the game, it looked so good. now 6 years later.................
  6. more like its a teenage "valley" girl thing. whatever, as if! clueless, anyone? anyone?
  7. i dont know how i feel about this. i guess its cool for the guy who gets it. i wouldnt even care, because lets be honest, if one does not get 100% themselves, do they really feel like they achieved it? isnt the point of 100% to be achieved not given? dont we play video games for enjoyment and for a challenge, so being given 100% gave save shouldn't really change how much or little i play. getting all philosophical up in here. plus bottom line, it is a cool keepsake i guess
  8. lolol my bad, no i was not talking about "rage" the game, for some reason i thought bioshock 1 was made by them. dont know why :huh: brain fart i guess, or just lack of knowledge about my bioshock series lol
  9. great game. i played it for a while as well, got a couple guys to level 20 then stopped. my favorite was priest, i liked the ability to heal lol. plus we made trains even more OP.
  10. this better live up to expectation, or im gonna rage. im gonna rage hard. you hear that bethseda, im gonna be pretty upset with you.
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