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  1. ___The public has requested a funny here from me, so here you go, public___________ Xemnas~Do to the, erm, "Tragic", loss of number 8...I have agreed to let a new member join our ranks, Ale~Hey! ___Meanwhile___ Luxlord with Rum~I can't belive it!*hic* Helix...died...?!? Xaldin~...*blush*... ___________Flashback_______________ Helix~Hey, Xaldin,HA HA!! You lost to a CHILD!!!HA!!! Xaldin~YOU ARE GUNNA PAY, HELIX!!!!!*stabs to "Death"* _____________Later___________________ Xemnas~Luxlord, I would like you to mentor the new recruit, Now Drunk Luxlord~...Waz ihs neem?*hic* Xemnas~Oh, this will be trouble...His name is, "Ale". Drunk Luxlord~WHERE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? ----------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all I have so far. This is currently a "not-finished" comic. and the "..." are when a new panel opens in the middle of a sentence.
  2. I know, but I was too lazy to find it...Oh, and i also need Xion's nickname to complete my site...?
  3. Demyx~I play the sitar!!!!!!! Me~I play the flute!!!! Demyx~Wanna play a duet? Me~Sure! Demyx~1,2,3,4,1,2,ready?Play! Me and Demyx~*badly trying to play the KH2 fight theme song* Me~It doesn't work without the other instruments...*sob* Demyx~Don't cry!Let's ask a question...HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING??????? Me~Sixth grade...;D
  4. I want the munny to buy the new KH game when it comes out...or else I'd have to wait till CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!*stupid bad econimy*
  5. I'm making a website, and putting a page for all of Org. XIV and Namine AND Sora, Riku, Kiari,King Mickey, and anyone else I think needs a page, put for Roxas's profile, I need his element.You know what? Just give 'em all to me so I can make sure that they're right...
  6. I'd be ZEXION!!!!!!!!! He's the one "bringing Zexy back"! Then I'd probaly be...IDK!!!!!OOOOOO!I KNOW!...No, I still don't know which "good guy" I'd be. WHY CAN"T ZEXION COUNT AS A GOOD GUY???GOOD GUYS ARE ALWAYS HOT, AND ZEXION FITS IN THAT CATIGORY!!!!*goes emo over not thinking that I can put Zexion twice*
  7. I make jewlery! So when my mom bought a random pack of orange and yellow beads, I couldn't resist making a necklace with the bead I found... I FOUND A BEAD WITH THE # 6 OR 9 ON IT!I NOW HAVE ZEXION AND DEMYX, MY TOP TWO FAVS, AROUND MY NECK!Oh yeah, bby!:D:D Is any one even reading this thread???I used an odd name to attract people...
  8. Hey!Here's a bit of funny to keep you happy while your offline! Me~BUT YOUR MY "F[R]IEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!" MY COMPUTER IS JUST SLOW!!!!!OOPs, that didn't hlp. Zexion~Your an Obnoxious idiot... Me~No I'm not! Axel~Yes, you are. Me~PROVE IT!!!!!! Axel and Zexion~Ok*shows me all of the "Dirty" pictures of Org. XIII I've ever drawn* Me~*Blushes and goes Emo in the corner* Zexin~That was kinda fun...>8D Axel~Now we only have about a million more fangirls to go! Zexion~...F***!!!!!!!!
  9. LOL! Welcome! Everyone here seems to bribe or reward people with cookies...So I won't!Here, Have the WHOLE NEVER-ENDING STREAM OF CHOCOLATE FROM "CHARLY AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" By the way, it's for both of you new guys!Yes, I know. this post is very big, but I don't want to double post anymore:D
  11. Demyx day is over, BUT WE CAN STILL FANGIRL OVER HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. WAIT!!!! IF YOUR A GUY...WHY DO YOU LOVE ZEXION?????YOUR GAY, AREN'T YOU??? CONFESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i'm nervous now... Am I cheating on my 'not quite yet' boyfriend??????
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