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  1. jadai4762

    check this out

    not kool
  2. jadai4762

    Look at this thread!

  3. "sad to say they nearly fell to darkness more then onc, but at everytime that boy arrived with keyblade in hand to save the day"

  4. jadai4762

    I failed at VA

    you tried, but in the end all hearts return to the epic fail here is my attempt at voice acting... i hope its good
  5. jadai4762

    What's your favorite anime/manga?

    Mine is really Digimon, i dont watch much anime anymore
  6. senmse dream drop distance is a dream based world they all might come back as heartless and nobodies i doubt that org 13 will help sore even if they were somebodies maybe, Axel/Lea, Saix/Isa, Demyx, Vexen, Zexion and lexeaus but the rest were pure evil and would never help sora
  7. Truthfully i think ether Organiozation 13 might appear and split as villains for both sora and Riku Sora fights: Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix, Marluxia, demyx, Axel and Luxord Riku fights: Zexion, lexeaus, Vexen, Xaldin, Larxene or sora might just fight the nobodies and Organization 13 seeing as they were the main driving force for sora in all kh games except kh1. while Riku fights Ansem and the heartless versions of Organization 13... all considering that this is a dream based game as for the worlds i would like to see hunchback, cars would be cool, tarzan ... again. i would like to see power rangers but Disney lost the rights to rangers, it is possible they can throw marvel in their but i strongly doubt it
  8. I would have to say twighlight Town... for a few reasons 1: it is where Roxas was born and the catolyist of what went down in KH2,KH358/2 days and to a lesser extent kh chain of memories 2: I thought Roxas friendship with Hayner, Pence and Olette in the virtual twighlight Town was adorible, as well as Hayner and Seifer's rivialry. 3: it is the first time we see Saix unhooded (secound favorite KH character) 4: it is a world with strictly nobody eneimes (only applies to KH2 towards the end of the game). 5: It is where i leveled up to level 99 and maxed out my forms 6: some of the most tear jerking scenes happaned in that world
  9. it goes like this 1: Xigbar 2: Saix 3: Xaldin 4: Xemnas( and any incarnation of xehanort) 5: Roxas 6: Riku 7: Terra 8: Aqua 9: Vanitas 10: Marluxia 11: Larxene 12: Luxord 13: Namine 14: Sora 15: Zexion
  10. jadai4762

    kh marathon

    I agree, that would be kool
  11. jadai4762

    Ansem talks funny

    I feel that Christopher Lee played a beter ansem then the new guy
  12. jadai4762

    That is just bull crap

    And once again Disney pisses on my dreams of there evr being a KH dissida, F***king great
  13. jadai4762

    MF ID Becomes Clearer

    Although i do think he has something to do with Marluxia, the hooded model is a swap for Marluxia's hooded modle, not to mention he has Whirlwind of the void and doom clock just like the Graceful Assassisn
  14. jadai4762

    MF ID Becomes Clearer

    I hope MF is not a Jedi, I am sick and tired of Star Wars poking their noes in games where it does not belong. Fisrt Soul Caliber... leave Kingdom Hearts alone... ITS SACRED