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  1. sephiroth AND guess what Each game they are going to make him harder to beat!
  2. the dancers were my least favorite, twilight thorn and walkers were my favorite and the ones i loved to fight
  3. I'd be a phantom because they were not very easy to beat
  4. transformers revenge of the fallen ps3 game
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.us even created my own keyblades the cross one is the holy trinity Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. hey man look at mine Uploaded with ImageShack.us I even came up with my own keyblade!! the one with a cross is holy trinity:angel:
  7. how about transformers? transforming heartless? how about that? hmm THAT IS COMPLETELY crazy IM JUST FEELIN RANDOM TONIGHT I GUESS HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHAH
  8. i think it would be cool spiderman vs army of samurai nobodies VENOM boss fight spiderweb keychain what would be funny transformers megatron vs. final form sora DECEPTIHEARTLESS? HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH
  9. this would be so cool spiderman and sora vs LEGIONS of HEARTLESS this could happen since MARVEL is now owned by DISNEY :cool::shy::rolleyes::angel:
  10. maybe there could be the soulless, when a truly unforgiving, evil person that was powerful becomes a heartless, they also become a nobody, and their nobody loses its soul because of their evil which causes a new being made that is an unrelenting, evil being.
  11. please keep the vulgarity at minimum optimus prime vs. twilight thorn
  12. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen star wars battlefront 2 Star wars the force unleashed kingdom hearts 2,1 transformers the game
  13. IVE GOT ONE IVE BEEN PONDERING FINAL FORM SORA VS. SEPHIROTH (wouldn't it be cool if you could fight him as final form
  14. :cool:I don't know why but metal chocobo is my favorite then oblivion then fenrir then ultima kh1 ultima kh2 IT WOULD BE COOL IF YOU COULD GET ALL THE ORICHALCUM + IN KH2 why say 14 or whatever anyway if it is not possible?
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