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  1. First off, I think it would be awesome if there was a Keyblade creator in KH3. It could be like collecting Gummi's in Kh2, once you get the right pieces, you put them together and make an awesome Gummi ship. But this time, it's a Keyblade you can create. What do you guys think?
  2. Hmmm, I've tried telling my friend about this, but he seems to sorta like the attention she gives him, even if she doesn't like her. I'll give it to her when we go back to school. I really hope she doesn't give HIM a card.
  3. Okay, well I like this girl, and i'm pretty sure she liked me back last year (actually, im positive, we kissed) but ever since my best friend came back from homeschooling, she seems to like HIM. My friend doesn't even like girls. I was planning to give her a card on Valentines, but i'm gonna be outta town. So I thought, 'well, i'll give it to her during our school party' but our school party is tomorrow, (dunno why it's not Friday) and I am throwing up! The doctor thinks I shouldn't go to school until the weekend is over. What do I do?
  4. ouch, that really does suck. Hope everything gets better.
  5. SPOILER ALERT! I DUNNO HOW TO MAKE THAT BUTTON THING, SO READ WITH CAUTION Ansem is dead! He's not in the Dark Realm anymore! Remember, his machine go BOOM in Kh2, and he died.
  6. Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Kairi has a keyblade, why can't she fight? She could be like Mulan in land of Dragoins. At first she's kinda clumsy, (but it woduln't matter because heartless at the begining are always weakest) and later on she gets really good.
  7. Marluxia (or as I prefer to call him somebody, Lumaria) might have been like the owner of a flower shop, or maybe he played the Grim Reaper in some play and his scythe took effect on his Nobody lol. And I was thinking "Edmy" (Demyx) was a un-successful bass player. And "Nalere" (Larxene) was like a knife thrower for a circus or something. "Droul" (Luxord) was a casino owner most likely.
  8. We have a chihuahua named Meeko, (it means Little Brown Squirel in some Indian language) a parrot named Kairi (yeah, my sister came up with the name, that was when we just got Kh1) and a desert tortoise named Stubbs. Used to have a snake, but we had to release him because we couldn't find enough worms for him to eat. (he seriously ate worms)
  9. If it was my choise, i wouldn't want the Kh series to end. But it has to, but im thinking Kh5 would be a good end to the series.
  10. I dunno how to use the spoiler button, so read at your own risk. How can you guarantee it wont be for Ps2? Ps2 was a last generation console when Kh2 came out, so why couldn't they do it again? And anyways. (here's the spoiler, but it's from Kh2) Ansem the wise isn't in Dark Realm anymore. Remember? Ansem's machine exploded, and it killed Ansem. Birth by Sleep takes place ten years before Kh2, so if he dies in Kh2, (which he did) how are they supposed to save him from the Dark Realm if he's not there?
  11. Okay, who else lives in TWTNW? I doubt that the whole city is empty and the Org. just built the castle to live in it. Are there civilians? If there are, what does Xemnas do to them?
  12. Am i the only one from the states? When i'm at school, i surf the web on my iPhone.
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