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  1. Wow I havent logged into my KH13 account in YEARS! It's good to be apart of the community again :)

  2. Thank you so much!!! I'm in Mexico celebrating over a Miami Vice and a relaxing time on the beach. Wish all y'all were here with me partaaaay!
  3. i think its just a weird feeling seeing a secret ending without CGI and being so straightforward. With us being countlessly exposed to so many secret endings that are confusing and amazing in graphics, i bet most of us just feel dissapointed. i mean with crazy endings comes more speculations and cool ideas from the fans endings like this or the one in coded may seem "boring" in a way because... like i said its very straightforward. Not alot of material or WOW surprises in here that scream in my face. y'know? plus it was odd not seeing a lick of Sora in this video http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.png but switching over the topic a bit. Im personally glad Kairi is stepping up her role in the series. thank god now Lea having a keyblade <--- thats what pissed me off. fanservice fanservice fanservice. and a lame excuse for it too.
  4. yeah seriously... im latina too and i didnt find that at all racist >_> besides, whatever happened to the freedom of speech?
  5. Just got accepted into the Art Institute of Houston! Scholarship soon to be included? ;) who knows.

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    2. KingdomKatherine


      I know, i just call everyone man...

      I don't know why though..

    3. Sora96


      Well some people may take offence to it. So you should try your best to stop. Could always do what us Aussies do and say "mate".

    4. LennardOX


      Guess that would work xD

  6. Sora's smile on the ReCoded portal looks adorable. happy child but anyways back on topic i like the improvements. as for the american portal being updated: ...*sarcastic laugh* although its quite alright because its not like it was even used. Kingdom Hearts III? 8D
  7. UGH IM SO PISSED! 10 years of being loyal kingdom hearts fans and we're rewarded with THIS!? way to half-ass things Nomura :angry: those games aint even that important and is the WORST choices to welcome newcomers to the series. come back when you have something worth wild like, oh i dont know, MAIN CONSOLE KH game bundles!! *fumes* i'm officially calling this 10th KH Anniversary gift the "troll box" such a dissappointment
  8. trololo this makes me happy i was patient enough for waiting to buy my 3DS... b-but its region locked. ill be damned if we dont get our own version of a KH 3DS http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png an no STICKERS this time please Square! laaaame. i hope this "10th Anniversary Box" is really special, whatever it is. 10 years of a really awsome series deserves an awsome anniversary gift! *daydreams of opening a box full of beautiful HD remakes*. this Anniversary gift needs to be world wide. not a japan exclusive btw >_>
  9. im attending college in order to become an animator so if by chance i get offered a job to create and animate cutscenes or CGI for a videogame(s), then count me in! i dont think this was one of the poll options though, unfortunately!
  10. the 'apocolypse year' has begun! Happy New Year guys! :D

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    2. Mikuo


      you know that's a lie about the apocolypse hehe and also Happy new years :3

    3. SoraFanatic


      yeah i never believed a lick of it :P

    4. LennardOX


      And then zombies just come running into your room xD lol

  11. haha because we are being real fans of KH and combining our ideas to...amuse and pass time?
  12. we all were :'( she would have a tragic death that couldve been prevented by riku if he was there to stop it (whatever it may be), which would only make it sadder >_> ya know, because KH is full of cliches why not add in another one
  13. haha you know i was actually thinking Nomura the troll would pull something like that
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