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  1. The secert messeage says, You know what I dont remember and I dont really feel like looking sorry I thought That I could remember when I unlocked it I did not save so I got to go through the whole credits all over again.
  2. Somebody call 911 this game is about to give a heart attack (Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance)
  3. Vanitas1026


  4. Yeah i think they should have all the kingdom hearts games come out on ps3
  5. cause different qulity

  6. :lol:Kingdom hearts is awesome, without it i wouldn't even be here. http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif
  7. Why does every one likes the olympus coliseum? i mean its okay.
  8. I never catch you online. It say you've been on 1 hour before me.

  9. Sup people Vanitas in the hizhouse and im here to say this is awsome!
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