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  1. KairiGolden13


    It been long time since I post a drawing here, but here a drawing of Ephemera. Incase anyone wondering of name on the left corner I do post art on instagram by different username just to set the record

    © KairiGolden13

  2. The trailer was freaking amazing! ^0^

  3. *pokes you again*

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    2. Penny


      A bit tired from too much hw. You?


    3. KairiGolden13


      I been good and started my winter break today.

    4. Penny


      I start tomorrow!

  4. It would be nice to see a meteor showers. Although I have seen a shooting stars few times before and made some wishes too.
  5. I'm happy about the new world, but I wish they would show of the art concepts of previous world that has been least seen in the KH3 tralier and maybe seeing some screenshots as well and I know a lot people wanted a trailer although I have a feeling the next trailer (which i'm hoping by the end of this year.) they show us this time with release date.
  6. The first time I went to Disney World was when I was in 5th grade. From there either on Thanksgiving break or Christmas break I would go with my dad and sister and everyone else who would come too. One time I went for both breaks . So I may go this year for Christmas break... maybe.
  7. On Saturday I went to the movies. At first i was gonna watch the Minions movies,but all the tickets were sold out. So we decide to watch Inside Out (Which I wanted to see since I watched the first trailers) and I really enjoyed and loved the movie. Especially the message behind it,but I know the little kids won't know the message that the movie is telling them until their much older and when they re-watching the movie again that when get the message.
  8. For those who may not know a couple months back Scott was interview at some point during the interview Scott said he had nightmares where he would see Bonnie in the hallways of his house.
  9. I found about this a couple minutes ago...it's....sad and really unexpected and that fact he was young. 55 is still a young age in my opinion. At least he in better place now and surly he is resting in peace as we speak.
  10. I am excited for this game to (hopefully ) come out soon. When I heard about it and read some things about it and seeing the photos too. It looked very interesting. At first I thought it was apart from the game series and then in a video I found on youtube it mentioned that it actually part of the Kingdom Hearts timeline which it got my attention.
  11. KairiGolden13


    Hmm.. can't remember the last time I posted an art work here. Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3

    © KairiGolden13

  12. Um I'm seeing rumors about a Kingdom Hearts 2.9?

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