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  1. KairiGolden13


    It been long time since I post a drawing here, but here a drawing of Ephemera. Incase anyone wondering of name on the left corner I do post art on instagram by different username just to set the record

    © KairiGolden13

  2. The trailer was amazing,but there just one small thing missing...THE RELEASE DATE!
  3. KairiGolden13

    Have you ever seen a meteor shower?

    It would be nice to see a meteor showers. Although I have seen a shooting stars few times before and made some wishes too.
  4. I'm happy about the new world, but I wish they would show of the art concepts of previous world that has been least seen in the KH3 tralier and maybe seeing some screenshots as well and I know a lot people wanted a trailer although I have a feeling the next trailer (which i'm hoping by the end of this year.) they show us this time with release date.
  5. KairiGolden13

    Have you ever been to Disney World/Disneyland?

    The first time I went to Disney World was when I was in 5th grade. From there either on Thanksgiving break or Christmas break I would go with my dad and sister and everyone else who would come too. One time I went for both breaks . So I may go this year for Christmas break... maybe.
  6. KairiGolden13

    Inside Out is #1!

    On Saturday I went to the movies. At first i was gonna watch the Minions movies,but all the tickets were sold out. So we decide to watch Inside Out (Which I wanted to see since I watched the first trailers) and I really enjoyed and loved the movie. Especially the message behind it,but I know the little kids won't know the message that the movie is telling them until their much older and when they re-watching the movie again that when get the message.
  7. KairiGolden13

    Five Nights at Freddy's 4 trailer

    For those who may not know a couple months back Scott was interview at some point during the interview Scott said he had nightmares where he would see Bonnie in the hallways of his house.
  8. KairiGolden13

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata dead at 55

    I found about this a couple minutes ago...it's....sad and really unexpected and that fact he was young. 55 is still a young age in my opinion. At least he in better place now and surly he is resting in peace as we speak.
  9. I am excited for this game to (hopefully ) come out soon. When I heard about it and read some things about it and seeing the photos too. It looked very interesting. At first I thought it was apart from the game series and then in a video I found on youtube it mentioned that it actually part of the Kingdom Hearts timeline which it got my attention.
  10. KairiGolden13


    Hmm.. can't remember the last time I posted an art work here. Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3

    © KairiGolden13

  11. Um I'm seeing rumors about a Kingdom Hearts 2.9?

  12. I'm so freaking happy and they freaking improved a lot of things in the game.

  13. Just a random question, but has anyone had dreams of Kingdom Hearts Character?

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    2. AlixtheMagi13
    3. KairiGolden13


      I had dream once. At very end of that dream I had I was captured by a organization 13 member and I put into glass cast (like 7 princess of heart) right in front of was Master Xehanort himself and I remember he said this "Your number 15".

    4. Forever


      I dreamed that Xaldin was actually a repairman. xD

  14. Sup KG13

    1. KairiGolden13


      Hey been long time how are you

  15. It been forever since i visit this site