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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. XL or a normal 3DS???

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. burnsideking24


      They're actually the same graphics

    3. Sora's Baby

      Sora's Baby

      Not for the older ds games.

    4. burnsideking24


      Actually, they're still the same too.

  2. I`m playing Sonic... I want A-ranks! ALL A-RANKS!!! lol

  3. I`m playing Sonic... I want A-ranks! ALL A-RANKS!!! lol

  4. Would you by a Majora`s Mask 3D??? I would if it was kinda Master Quest. ^^

  5. Would you by a Majora`s Mask 3D??? I would if it was kinda Master Quest. ^^

  6. Castle Oblivion and Destiny Islands. I hate when they show the islands or talk about castle oblivion and you cant go there
  7. "C`mon sora! I thought you were stronger than that!" "Wich one of us is winning?"
  8. lol man. that game is great!!! I finished the Game Cube version 4 times (the fourth with three hearts). I used a guide to get everything the second time I played, but even with a guide I wasnt able to find all poe souls (congrats ). Very nice
  9. Re:Coded! I was so happy when they announced it for DS, because if they hadn`t we`d hav to buy a japanese cellphone
  10. Congrats, man! I think if you feel like having a family here, you do have a life... a strange life, but who doesn`t ^^
  11. Ghirahim is so... eccentric xD

  12. Nice! ^^ you`re good with stories
  13. Well, guys. The topic here is "gaming".The fun of this post is to write about something you discovered (like a fun glitch), how`s your status, wich part of the game was your favorite...Let me give an example:"One of my favorite games is Sonic, because it`s so cool the way the stages are made. The thing that I most want now is to unlock the Green Hill in SA2B, but it`s so difficult. I got all A ranks just with Sonic and Shadow... I love The Legend of Zelda and Mario, because guarantees you lots of fun times.I tried to play SNES`s Lion King too, but I coudn`t get pass Hakuna Matata stage (it was only me or it remembers Haruka kanata )."This is it! Hope you have fun... ^^
  14. Shadow`s voice is cool! I think I prefer the first. Hey I didn`t play free riders yet, but I didn`t recognize Saïx`s voice... Good one, I would never know that is the same voice actor
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