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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. bonbonpich- http://bonbonpich.deviantart.com/ thanks
  2. Hello again. Guess I'll be posting more fanarts. Hey, could anyone please tell me if I could continue posting new fanarts in this same old topic? I'll just have to go to the reply button right? Can I change the topic? (in case it's different fanart/doujinshi but still KH related.) For Sora Halloween fanart...Gee, well, I'm aware that I spelled it wrong, it was on purpose >< oh well...but thanks for noting me! All right, this time some sketches ^^ They were a try out sketches before I draw doujins about RikuSora, AxelRoxas. eek, when it came to Riku, I've only have recycle paper left >< Axel and Roxas are harder to draw. I almost gave up on Axel, his hair! OTZ How were they ? Well, thanks for visiting ^^
  3. Hello everyone, so I've posted some fanart and wanted to go for a fanfic too, then doujinshi later. I'm not sure if there are much Riku/Sora fans here, but I just wanna give it a try. Please click on the link?>> Saving Chapter 1: Saving Full Summary: A Nobody-vampire Riku was tired of his immortal life and was about to burn himself under the sun, was unwillingly saved by the mortal Sora. Riku was led to the light within Sora. While they started to remember their prior encounter years ago, Riku's darkness began to take its toll on Sora. Warning: Shonen-ai content @Rate PG Main: RikuxSora. Side: AxelxRoxas. Slight: RoxasxSora (brotherly, Roxas's got this brother complex thingy). Any critiques are welcome! Also I'm looking for beta-reader for this. I'm not native-english and I'm sure you can probably tell by the look at my writing. If anyone could, then please let me know.
  4. Thank you. I used SAI for painting. Easier than photoshop
  5. Wish you all a Happy Halloween! I painted and thought it looks messy, so I had the other one in plain color ^^"
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