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  1. Lets see how long it takes me to stop coming on this site again. I always do it and I hate myself for it! :(

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Welcome! Just a warning... Everyone is Crazy here and you may become addicted to this site.
  4. I really want to but I have no money... <_< I guess its time to go back to the internet...
  5. I think my ears are going to fall off! :blink:
  6. I have watched both shows so I guess these have caught my eye. I might buy them if I have the money at the time...
  7. I love all 3 of them. That's why the second one is my Siggy.
  8. Going to head out to a Birthday BBQ soon! Its so Hot! :P

  9. Thank-you for posting! I've been wondering when one of these would pop up! I now need to go sign it!!
  10. Sadly yes. My Grandfather, Grandmother, Godmother and Uncle have all died this year. I also lost someone who was like a second mother to me a few years ago. I have lost many friends too. This year seems to hate me... -_-
  11. School is Over and Summer is On! :D

    1. The Protagonist

      The Protagonist

      Its been over bout 1 week now.

    2. starlol9


      Not for me. I finished today. :)

  12. Had to wait for my bus home in the boiling sun for 40 minutes... Having to wear a black blazer doesn't help either. I'm poofed...

    1. mosokisa


      Oh, I feel for you! Was it at least cool in the bus?

    2. Skai


      Now enjoy your nice adequately temperature house and get to posting!

    3. starlol9


      Thankfully our bus had air-conditioning. Otherwise I think I might of died. x_x Thankfully my house has it too. :D

  13. About to head off to School. 1 more day to the Summer Holidays... :DD

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