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  1. September 5th, the day after my b-day. The 3rd is labour day, and the 4th they just gave us an extra day off, probably because they knew it was my b-day and wanted to be nice
  2. I really want it to be a 3DS game, but I wouldn't mind too much if it was on iOS. I mean, it would be a lot cheaper. And if it's on a console other than 3DS, Wii U would be pretty cool.
  3. 6 days left on the timer?! I'm going on vacation! The hotel better have wifi!
  4. Holy fire truck just woke up and this is the best new ever! Must go check the site on my computer!!!!
  5. Where did they mention this "light" title? Link anyone? I'm hoping for news on KH3 or KH HD collection, more Versus XIII info and a release date for FFX HD.
  6. I wish they had just made these into a Book 4 of The Last Airbender instead of making them as comics.
  7. Yeah, that's what it seems like a lot, they're missing out on some really great games.
  8. I'm Aqua. Except my boob's aren't nearly as big as her's.
  9. This is something I've never understood. My parents have always been kind of strict about the games I play, so I've never been allowed to play anything too violent. However, many of my 9 year old brother's friends play m-rated games like Call of Duty, and have done so for a few years. And I know their are plenty of little kids who's parents allow them to play games like this. But I just can't understand what could possibly go through a parent's head that would make them think it's okay for a child under 10 to play something so violent and inappropriate for their age.
  10. How did you place 40? It only lets me place 4. There are only 4 spots to place link portals...
  11. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for them to exist in the dream worlds, so they had to be replaced with dream eaters.
  12. For me, commands actually make me use magic more often. In KH2, I would use magic solely for curing and the odd thunder to finish off a boss (since you needed to kill bosses with either combo finishers or magic in that game). I find it easier to use magic with commands since I don't have to worry about any MP, but that's just me. Other than that, I agree with everything you said, and that is why KH2 still remains my favourite game in the series.
  13. That reminds me, I still have to play it on my PS3. I started playing it, but didn't get very far and haven't played it in a few months.
  14. But how could MX have returned, and how could he coexist with Terranort? Unless MX is actually a Nobody or something, his body without a heart, and his heart is still possessing Terra...
  15. Hopefully they'll add in a collesium as FREE dlc. Where we can fight in tournaments and battle our friends. Battle them in actual fights and not just using dream eaters like flick rush. And if you could do it online that would be even better.
  16. Pretty much all the original KH worlds except for Traverse Town, I don't think it's necessary. But Destiny Islands, Castle Oblivion (which maybe we'll see get somehow turned back into Land of Departure), Radiant Garden, Twilight Town, TWTNW and Keyblade Graveyard (definitely need this one for the epic final battle. As for non-original worlds: Shibuya (from The World Ends With You) Toy Story (if there's gonna be a Pixar world, it's gotta be this one) And I'd like to see a Tangled world. If only just for Flynn Rider. And even though the movie hasn't come out yet, I actually think Wreck-It Ralph has good potential: Imagine, a world in a video game about a video game.
  17. This is actually what I thought of when I heard about grown up characters. But Toph is Donald?! That's a disgrace to Toph. No offense, Donald, but is... I think that Sora would still keep his same hair style, he'd just be a bit taller (duh). And I think he'd still be a generally happy and laid back guy, but probably a little more serious because of what he's been through as the Keyblade-wielding hero. Riku would be tall and muscular, hopefully with the long hair that made fangirls drool in KH2. I think he might have a bit of stubble too, idk.
  18. I think the MX who appeared is from the past. I believe we have yet to see the Xehanort who has been recreated, because Ansem and Xemnas were destroyed, so the person who has been recreated should be the somebody of those two: Apprentice Xehanort/Terranort. NOT MX, I don't see how that's possible. I think the only way for MX to return will be if in KH3, Terra is rescued and MX's heart leaves his body and returns to his own old-man body. Because if MX had somehow returned already, then Terra would be free. But he's not free. They even said that one of the 7 lights (Terra) still belonged to Xehanort.
  19. Before this game came out in English, didn't people who had played the Japanese version say it was the hardest KH game? Because it seems like everyone here is saying "Lol, it's so easy!" And it's actually not any easier OR harder than any other KH game IMO, I find them all the same.
  20. CGI openings, the ones in SE games are so drool-worthy. Any my favourite is the every CGI opening in a KH or FF game, they're all so good!
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