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  1. The "the key to return hearts"? OMFiretruckingG I wonder if their trying to figure out how to give roxas namine and xion a heart? Heaven <(%)> MY mind has just been BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!
  2. rizar14

    I Need Some More Clarity.

    kairi was not a accident remember xh said I can not change things destine to happen and I'm pretty sure if kairi wasn't destine to wield a key xh would have f'd it up
  3. Xhanort dies but mind fs someone before
  4. rizar14

    Kingdom Hearts in Song

    i know this isnt realvent but for kh3d they could use chris browns dont wake me up if they edit alittle look it up
  5. lol sora on the beach sleeping wakes up God what a crazy dream the end (Minds Blown)
  6. rizar14

    Can Kairi fight?

    Kinda makes you think did she really just go to school all that time on the island or was she secretly train. I mean she jump of that balcony way to good I would have hesitated lol kairis a secert agent lol mybe it will be a three story with 3 characters like axel xion roxas story the sora kairi and riku
  7. I agree with the wii u release sounds legit
  8. rizar14

    possible 2014 KH game?

    I really dont think this will happen if you think about it he put kh 1 OLD GAME khfm OLD GAME and then days which is the first game on ds which suck graphic wise. to second this why kh first and not bbs there out of chronologcial order sorry for bad grammar
  9. So 2.5 will be kh 2 kh 2fm and all of coddeds scence right
  10. rizar14

    Sora's Parents

    when was the dad mentioned
  11. rizar14

    KHIII Wii U?

    I support all the way I would love for them to make it a specail edition like wii u gets reality shift and touch screen stuuff love it
  12. rizar14

    So, about Axel. (MAJOR Spoilers)`

    this is just like when i stated that nightmare ven armor was the final boss and that axel would get a keyblade. if you watch the sence he says yes that means your three GOL short sora the 7th and ??? so think what sounds more promising. well i think ven it makes perfect sence sora has vens heart so therfore ven would have "would have" be a darkness. as for terra hasnt it already been said by mikey we only need aqua now so i think eraquas saved terra and is one of the darknesses soo yeah
  13. rizar14

    So, about Axel. (MAJOR Spoilers)`

    he means ven when he says sora and another on list is missing ( ven ) he knows sora carriees is heart within him
  14. rizar14

    So, about Axel. (MAJOR Spoilers)`

    he nevere said anything about tera just the they were. Short meaning the 7th and sora and ven get your stuff straight