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  1. I don"t like the toy sora but your drawing is relly amazing.keep going man :wink:
  2. This is to show you guys my happiness with this game.
  3. -Omaega-


  4. -Omaega-


  5. Drawing drawing drawing

  6. Yeah I really want to drew sora in his new outfit :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  7. -Omaega-


    I just want to drew the new Sora skin lol.
  8. Well yeah Vanitas wearing Kaneki's mask from the anime Tokio Ghoul. This one is really my brother's idea I was out of imagination so I ask him to drew something and we were relly into the tokio ghoul thing so why not rigth!!!!!!! :wacko: :biggrin: hope you like it :wink:
  9. -Omaega-

    tokio ghoul Vanitas

    Well Iask my brother to drew something and he said to me to do vanitas wearing Kaneki's mask from tokio ghoul so...here we are.
  10. -Omaega-

    vanitas story board

    this is the storiboard of a drawing and is relly cool lol
  11. Thanks guys it means a lot :wub: :happy: Yeah lol my scanner dies so i have to buy a new one. congratulation for all your views by the way :wink:
  12. Well yeah,I know is not a Kingdom Hearts drawing,but I really want to post something(and I really want to prove my new scanner too)so take a look at least. The nest time I'll draw vanitas wearing Kaneki's mask(Tokio ghoul)thats got some Kingdom hearts,just wait for it!!!
  13. Yeah I'm a live and I'll try to keep living :lol: .seriously I need to post mora drawings :ph34r: Apprentice?please I'm he's sensei Thanks guys it means a lot really :wink:
  14. Yeahh... two random drawings... :happy: ... I just want to post something. Hope someone likes it
  15. Hello everyone it's been a while but I back with another of my drawings. I was trying to use some technique to drawings my paint my drawings (seens I don't have a tablet or something like that painting is really a pain)and this is what I got. It's good rigth?,I use photoshop to do the colors and some details. well thats all for today see you again the next century time
  16. yeah I know I'll be more active now lol. thanks every one by the way :rolleyes:
  17. Yeah that's all!!!!!!!!!!!!.I just wanted to see Sora using one of this,so I make it. I was going to do it with tai's goggles from digimon 1,but I get lazy and don't want to draw ears lol,so I do the ones of Obito from naruto. well hope someone like it :biggrin:
  18. YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!... That's bad? :sad: LOLOLOLOLOL now seriously thank you :happy: YEAH me too!!!!!! You know people, since this drawings doesn't take to much time I'll be doing more like this any ideas :huh:
  19. YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!... That's bad? :sad: LOL i was like sora :sleep:
  20. WARNING-The next drawings I'll make them in 3-5 minutes-WARNING Since year it's all most over class have been really boring...BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry: so I drew the faces of the people in KH caracters cool rigth :cool:
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