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  1. because it's an artwork for KH 2.8!! Sora and Riku in their KHDDD appearances, Aqua = fragmentary passage and also chirithy for the x back cover cinema stuffff(we'll sure get a nice artwork with kairi for khIII then....I HOPE)
  2. i'd love to see pocahontas and lilo&stitch! ♥ (after the space world in BBS it would be kinda cute to see a reuniting ahhh)sad there probably won't be peter pan then, though ;;!! also beauty and the beast and aladdin!!aristocats would be hella cute, but i highly doubt they'd do this wahahbut tbh i'm looking most forward to radiant garden and hopefully a rebuilt lands of departure hnghgfd
  3. i'm so in love with those chess theories. i wonder if YX and Eraqus actually finished their game back then HAHAH

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    2. Fierce Deity Link

      Fierce Deity Link

      You're a great artist BTW.

    3. Jull08


      Sure!! Hope that's better teehee http://i.imagebanana.com/img/brjs31uy/choochoo2.jpg AND THANK U SO MUCH OMG

    4. Fierce Deity Link

      Fierce Deity Link

      That's perfect! Thanks! My sisters are big KH fans. :P And you're welcome. I like drawing as well, but I'm not too great at it. xD

  4. I'll make some photos too and could send them to you if you want. Just in case and if I knew where exactly to send them... I'm only there on thursday though.
  5. Someone please help me, I'm quite confused. Amazon.de has a release date for a few months now, set for the 6th of September 2013. And now this limited edition is coming out in Europe on the 13th? Isn't this a little strange? Or maybe a mistake? There were news that the game will release on the 6th too, just in case someone thinks Amazon is wrong or something... But you still can't preorder the version with the artbook in Germany aswell, I'm wondering if we really get it here...
  6. I mean Xions "This is the place I come from, I just know it" in comparison to this one japanese sentence.
  7. Xions english voice really sounds kinda boring in comparison in her passionate japanese voice... (especially at 2:13). I like her tone, it fits to her very much, but she could put more elan into it... Well let's wait for the final version... same goes for Saix and most suprisingly for Quinton Flynn as Axel too?!However Xemnas and Roxas' voices are perfect as always, gosh they know how to lend a heart (hahaha...) and personality to a character.
  8. Oh dammit and I bought it from Japan... I feel like an idiot. x)
  9. Badass Aqua, smexy Terra and puppyeyes Ven. I love them all, but I sincerely adore Aqua's story and what she did for her friends as the silent hero
  10. Jull08

    halloween drawing

    Awwww how cute!
  11. Ahw don't give up! Well indeed, a netbook has quite a smaller screen hasn't it? I've got a standard laptop, so nothing special though. It's not a problem, I feel honoured that you ask someone like me! Well first of all, if you want to draw digitally it would be useful to have a graphic tablet, do you own one? And for the rest it would be difficult for me to explain in english haha, but this here shows quite good how to do some basics and how to work with brushes and their settings! I don't do anything different... your hand does the rest haha. >> Click here! <<
  12. Oh really! I couldn't play Re:CoM yet, they didn't release it here, but I'll look after that when they release the HD collection (if it's still the same then). Thanks! Of course, but I didn't know it's used for video games aswell. They could also just translate it different so that it fits with their lips aswell (and I think people also do it elsewhere that way). Not that I would support that, I was just surprised.
  13. YESSS thank you omg! I was always wondering during playing, like, "Hoooww exactly do they translate THAT DAMN GOOD and exact and match the characters' lips nevertheless?!" Now I know the answer, but it took me years... I'm ashamed haha. But I don't think they do this for every game out there do they? Really, it's the first time I noticed I feel so dumb. :unsure: But...did they do that for KH1, 2 and BBS aswell? (Just naming these cause I think the other ones would be too "small" to notice?)
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