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  1. I think people focus so much on customising Sora that they forget that there are two other characters that can be made stronger. You're supposed to customise the way Donald uses cure and potions.
  2. E3 made me realize that gamers are the whiniest people on this planet.

  3. I saw it on NeoGaf. Some people were defending her. I just ... Sigh*
  4. That chrome extension is great.

  5. Oh ok, It's just, I come from gamefaqs where sarcasm runs high so I just think everything is sarcastic.
  6. It' fine because the communicate with each other. But the XIII team didn't.
  7. Oh? I thought they did. They were also pulled for the whole FF XIV debacle. And yeah XIII was plagued with development issues. There was no communication between the different "mini-teams" in the team. Like there was no communication between the "team that was making the world and the one making the graphics for example. that'a bad example. But you get what I'm saying.
  8. Crystal Dynamics. The game fails on every level except gameplay.
  9. Tokyo Team Kingdom Hearts Team (KH1,KH2,FFXV) all day everyday.
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