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  1. Because I live in the UK I'm expecting 2.8 round December-ish, we usually come late or next to Austraila a few months after America.
  2. I'm thinking KH 2.8 will come out later this year, so KH3 will be a year or two after it depending on how far they've progressed while KH2.8's also being worked on. I'd assume since BBS V2 on it is basically a tech demo for KH3 they've been sharing technology on it which could be slowing down the teams down if they're divided on KH3 work and 2.8 work.
  3. I enjoyed it. I do have some things I would change like:More interactivity/commotion/npcs in the wide empty rooms. But I understand they would have been limited by hardware, they had a similar issue in BBS IMO. A quicker way of levelling yourself/dream eaters. Just as someone who likes 100%ing it obviously got repetitive trying to get everyone to max and unlocking all their abilities. That's really it, I didn't have many other things I disliked. Flowmotion was overpowered and there was a big difficulty curve with worlds, but flowmotion still enabled you to survive that since it was over powered so... I do think if the training and looking after pets it it's still the same as the 3DS version, that it's better suited for a handheld than a home game with the remake. Same way pokemon games are better on handhelds than they would be a home console, the portability makes it easier to look after them whenever the moment strikes you, instead of having to settle in front of a screen in a room and feel like a grind.
  4. 11 years seems like a long time to save only if you were at an age to have a job the whole time throughout those years or received allowance from guardians if younger. I started with KH2 at age 12, and didn't get an allowance, I got one game a year from the series thereafter, and luckily my mother was able to get my the handhelds they all required when the games were being bought for me. Note now I'm a 3rd University student, and all my income is student loans and maintenance grants. When KH2.5 collectors edition came out, I wanted it but simply couldn't justify spending that amount of money when I already has KH 1.5 which would have knocked 20-30 off the price range if you coulda got the merch in the edition without the extra game. I'm going by that edition being £100 quid, also with most other special editions on the PS4 (I ordered the MGS5 and Fallout 4 special editions for my boyfriend) were the same, £100.00, I just know if I can justify that especially if KH 2.8 ALSO has an expensive fancy edition, since after this June I won't be receiving any Student Income 'cause I'll be with a group of students who are starting our own business (if all goes to plan and the proposals accepted by our Uni), and none of us are entitled for the year during it (so it all pens on the hope we get hired/win a fund). I'll barely be able to afford food during the starting months of that. I do have some money put away, but £65 of that is already penned for FFXV preorder. The one good thing is I've managed to save some money in GAME points to knock off the preorder when it comes around. This was a novel written by Caity, dedicated to Harry Potter.
  5. I love all my consoles equally, I would never hurt their feelings by picking favourites. Though I tend to turn on my PS4 more often, but as it stands I turn on my console to put on a show on Amazon, on demand or youtube and haven't been able to play many games recently.
  6. I've only seen trailers for Jungle Book, I tend to stay away from Movie trailers because so many these days just throw the good parts of the movie in there. Like the Simpsons movie spoiled near every one of their jokes in their ads and it wasn't that funny when I watched it because of that, vice versa I avoided Deadpool trailers and thought that was the best "Superhero"(/Anti-Hero film?) film I've ever seen. But I am me. And I love Disney. So I look forward to them all. Also find it funny people saying they're out of original ideas considering their classic films themselves are retellings of stories that were already out there, ie, not original, more of an adaptation of the source. I personally didn't like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 'cause it didn't feel like a Disney Film, nor a Tim Burton film. I actually made a post here a while ago that was more detailed on why, but I haven't seen the film in years so I can't recall every exact reason why, though I strongly remember the feeling of disappointment after watching it and leaving the cinema. I feel American McGee's Alice was a better dark version of Alice in Wonderland. I did enjoy Maleficent though 'cause I enjoy different retellings/varations of classic tales(hence why I like Once Upon a Time), though I was able to guess half way through the movie that it'll follow the line of Frozen where romantic love isn't the only love that can fix their problems. And I see a similar pattern happening now for any future live action remake they do because so many people complain about the Fairy Tale trope.
  7. Actually if you get to an interview with them one of the best questions to ask is "How's the current team get on? Do they get along" etc. It shows you're interested in the people there and teamwork, even if you ain't. I've personally never worked there, but I'm sure regardless it would really vary from place to place (location of the store). A good option is to ask the people working there themselves next time you're in there. There was one point sometime before I finished High School for Uni I just asked people at their stores while I was shopping if they enjoyed their job. A security guard told me he found his job boring af, only moments of interest are when someone actually tries to steal otherwise it's literally like watching paint dry. I liked that. People tend to be more honest in their opinions when you're just a curious customer rather than a perspective employee.
  8. I don't see a need to worry either way, 'cause at the end of the day you will either like it or not and until you have it there's no sense wasting energy over what might be. The only thing that worries me is if a cool edition comes out and it's out of my price range
  9. Considering it started off as non-cannon I just think they didn't plan that far ahead to have it properly reflect the Disney chars ages. Or, what Shinobi said
  10. I need a wee American or Canadian to just go buy me craft supplies from Micheals and make a ebay or etsy shop with the soul intent of selling them to me

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    2. Caity


      I've since had two other art stores contact me that are in my city, one said they don't have them and one said they stock the brand but it could be old stock so they'll phone their stores and check once I send the product number :3 I also contacted someone on ebay who sells the brands "Spring Collection" stamps and they said their supplier discontinued them, but they're gonna contact other suppliers and get back to me.

    3. Caity


      If they don't have them I think I wouldn't mind paying the postage, 'cause they're what I really want, and I can settle and get some similar ones that are shipped here from other brands, but they're like £10 per set without all the things in the other ones so I'd be spending more money to settle with something I didn't really want

    4. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Okay, cool! Here's hoping that the eBay seller has some good news. If not, keep me posted and shoot me a PM with an image of the stamp (brand and stock number may be useful as well, if I can have it ordered from here if they don't carry it locally) and I'll see what I can do. ; )

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  11. I've never actually had most of these things be problematic for me. Like I've been to a cinema where a child's started to fuss, and their parents take them out the door or walk them up and down to settle them. Also haven't been in one that had people talking during it. For my own experience the worst parts would really be when you're in a particularly popular movie and people yell at it, like they're trying to talk to the actors, and when a human giraffe sits directly in front of me. There was a time when I was like 13 and couldn't see a quarter of the movie screen I paid for because of that. I can't help it that I'm vertically challenged.
  12. Waiting one a EU/Pal release of it if it ever comes. No idea what mission I was on in the Japanese version, just that I got to level 70 something without understanding a word of what I was playing.
  13. I actually interchange between them a lot. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland so I learnt the British spelling of things growing up (though I learnt the American spelling of organization through Kingdom Hearts), but a lot of the IDE's I used were created in America, so they use the American spelling (i.e. I would be able to call a command Color3f, but it won't work if I call Colour3f). I flip through both spellings, neither bothers me, but it has bothered some other people here where I've used American spelling instead of the British way. I actually find it ridiculous when either Brits or American's correct the other to their form of spelling online, some people really passionately hate the spelling they don't use.
  14. Roast dinner, any excuse for a Roast dinner is a win in my books (plus I'm not really a fan of chocolate and I'm not religious)
  15. Yesterday I went to sleep at 6.40am. Usually without Uni I end up going sleep between 3-5am. In an ideal world I would like to fall asleep at 12am and wake up 4am fully rested for the day
  16. in a young girls heart How the music can free her, whenever it starts and it's maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagic if the music is groovy
  17. Kim Possible (and said suggestion quoted underneath by Oli) are the only ones I would think of that I enjoy, and would love to see. I also would like to see the inclusion of W.I.T.C.H as AnHeiressofaSOLDIER suggested, though I only ever saw that show running on JetX, not any of the DIsney channels o.o I also believe there's a Star Wars animated series made by Disney since they acquired it, and I feel that animated style would suit the game better than trying to do realistic versions of the live action actors (we can all admit it, the clash of styles makes Port Royal/Sora in Port Royal look wacky) I absolutely loved that show, and more Stitch is always needed
  18. Just enough so my lips don't tighten due to the lack of movement and split when one accidentally does smile.
  19. All the Kingdom Hearts (With KH2FM first, followed by BBS, although BBS was my fav for a long time, replaying with knowledge to help 100% made command melding really repetitive and easy, and myself over powered so battles were over quick) Minecraft (don't care how old I am or what anyone says. I love it. Platinumed PS3 and PS4 versions)Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (specifically 3D because that is the version I completed, and I loved the gyroscope aiming) Hyrule Warriors (I like the style of gameplay and replayability) Banjo Kazooie The Sims Series (it's a classic) Flower/Journey/Flow Sly Cooper Trilogy I also have some critically acclaimed games I haven't started (e.g Uncharted Trilogy, Last of Us) so can't comment on whether I enjoy them, as well as The God of War Trilogy which I was told I should like because I love Greek Mythology, but again unstarted. Also started, but not really got into due to time, Bioshock. Not really into first person, but I loved the story enough it made me try it and I'm not totally awful.
  20. He's got those big pockets strapped to his trousers in KH2. I've seen people use a wallet chain, looks grand. Though I've I'm someone who would like to wear a pocket watch, which is pretty old fashioned itself.
  21. Yes, my ps4 loads and runs the games better than my ps3. In terms of games, no, I suppose not but the past gen have been out a lot longer so that's be expected
  22. I believe Disney needs to approve the way the Disney characters are represented in the games, but they don't have much more input than that for other non-disney chars in the game, they just happen to have a great deal (for them) where they own all rights to original KH characters made without actually having to make them, program them, design them etc. Ah the beauty of the deals game devs make to try and get their work out into the world.
  23. I think he will be but there might be segments where the likes of Aqua, Ven, Mickey etc join his party.
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