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  1. so sparkling wine doesn't sparkle

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    2. Forever


      Oh no, babe! It's quite safe. Especially when you use the heavy duty star-shaped glitter! :D So pwetty....

    3. Setting Sun<3

      Setting Sun<3

      good luck drinking that then

    4. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose


      The name is Mr. Sir

  2. SUN

    1. Setting Sun<3

      Setting Sun<3

      you are 4 months late

    2. Wuver


      SUN UR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun


  3. Happy Birthday, Kyle! c:

  4. how can school be so boring ugh

  5. to me the sims 4 is like an updated version of the sims 2 the graphics and multitasking being the only actual updates i'm a bit disappointed but i play it anyway

  6. [Deleted] It's been a year since I posted my last photo, so... selfie time
  7. how can it get so cold so fast i mean i have to wear a coat and boots when just two weeks ago i was sunbathing at the beach

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    2. Cyber Shaman
    3. Setting Sun<3
    4. WakingDawn96


      In about two to three weeks, I'm going to the beach! I love the time of year where there are less people, the weather is nicer, and everything is better.

  8. Rox :O how've you been? it's been a while (months?) since you've updated your blog and i kinda miss your posts on my dash you know

    1. RoxSox


      Hey there Sun! What you been up to?

      It's a long story. I got hooked up with that Social Media Team job and that distracted me from my own blog for a good while. Following that I lost my internet at home. So sorry about that. Eventually I'll get moved to a new house where I'll have internet again and I promise to be active once more. :3


      How you been?

    2. Setting Sun<3

      Setting Sun<3

      well i've been having some problems (family problems internet problems and whatnot) and that keeps me from spending as much time online but oh well

      other than that it's all the same

      anyways it's nice to hear from you :3

    3. RoxSox


      Hope it gets better P:

      Nice hearing from you too. <3

  9. is it even legal to have multiple tests on the same day

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    2. Setting Sun<3

      Setting Sun<3

      whoa 8?

      i had 5 once but 8 is just..

      and thanks

    3. Kingdom Of Me

      Kingdom Of Me

      pretend you are Jewish and say you need to celebrate Rosh Hashanah


    4. Setting Sun<3

      Setting Sun<3

      i can't even pronounce that xD

  10. i knew school would be no fun but this is ridiculous

  11. just realized i'm gonna be a sophomore this year time flies so fast

    1. Enmaa


      im a senior now

    2. WakingDawn96


      I've graduated and am now starting College

  12. is this thing still alive i used to post a pic here every summer as an apology for not going online a lot
  13. oh no it's raining again it shouldn't be raining the weather this year is so messed up smh

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    2. Kodakliv


      I'm guessing someone did a rain dance to ruin your plans! I'll go find this person and make then do a sun dance!

    3. Setting Sun<3

      Setting Sun<3

      i actually thought you said and make sun dance

    4. Kodakliv


      Haha ;) I'm sad because your sad :( I want u to be happy!

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