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  1. Marzuki

    It's a small world after all! Ride in Kingdom Hearts 3

    Lol thats a great idea Would love to see Aladar the Iguanodon from Dinosaur~ God that would be great as a world/summon
  2. Marzuki

    2.5 HD- "Glitchiest" KH title ever?

    The only thing I noticed that takes awhile to load were the form Drives~ They seemed longer and so are the D-Link ones too for me at least~
  3. What the heck why did you leave the chat?

  4. Marzuki

    Lion King 2?

    It would be awesome if they had that in KH3, The Lion King world was my most favorite world in KH2!
  5. Marzuki

    Which Will You Play First?

    Im doing it in order with 1,3,2
  6. Maria do not leave KH13

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    2. Leaf Ninja

      Leaf Ninja

      ~grabs for your hand refusing to let it go~

    3. Marzuki


      Jake... Please... Your not making this easy for me.....

    4. Leaf Ninja

      Leaf Ninja

      Fine i refuse to make it easy and how bout meassging me in our chat your being ridiclous maria

  7. Can I change my name to Uchiha-chan?
  8. Marzuki

    20E14B89 9FCE 4359 8C56 9B0D1D21569E

    Im a member on Deviantart and I color lineart, one of my works showing Sora in Limit Form with his two pals, just in time for the HD Remix 2.5 Hope ya'll like it! lineart- Kimbolie12 Coloring- Me
  9. Marzuki

    Limit Form

    I love Limit Form, I think it would be pretty sweet to revisit an old outfit and those abilities we loved in KH1, can't wait to use it!
  10. I couldn't possible care about the voice acting as long as it's a great game, and KH is a great game
  11. Read the final chapters of Naruto, it was beautiful

  12. Marzuki

    Avatar: a new era (roleplay)

    (I understand )