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  1. MTG for me. I've played in 2 pre-releases but thats about it
  2. This exactly is what I do like fore mekakucity actors
  3. maybe one day she'll realize your looking out for her and feel bad for treating you bad and change herself.
  4. the number that pops up most seams to be 13 for me anyway like organization 13 and the 13 darknesses
  5. So does this mean no giveaway?
  6. I want the battle system to be customizable you can choose what type you want so if you get tired of command deck you can switch to kh2 style with flowmotion and stuff there too.
  7. I like the number 7 :ph34r: just sayin and this concludes my daily post.
  8. It seems some people are interested in this.
  9. you are awesome and I have to go to sleep now I have to go to school early.
  10. I would like to enter I'm loving that Len figure!
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