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  1. I vote no items. It takes away from the whole purpose of a tournament-to see who has the most skills.
  2. I'll join. My name's Riku. Friend Code is 2107-0049-0666.
  3. Happy one year on kh13, rikufan!

  4. Since the trailer isn't up yet, I would assume that SE is planning on putting it out Christmas day, or the midnight of Christmas Day.

    1. TraverseLight


      That'd be a pretty awesome Christmas gift! ^^

  5. (Okay. And just to let you guys know, I'm dropping out of this rp. So one of you can control Red my character if you want.)
  6. (Who has been sending me these e-mails?)
  7. (Sorry, I can't keep up with you guys. So I'm going to drop out of this rp. You guys can take control of my characters: Eugene, Mitch, Red, and Percy.)
  8. I'm not sure if this topic is in the right place or not, but anyway here it goes. I'm looking to get a laptop for Christmas, but I need one that has a NVIDIA Geforce video card so that I can download and play games. So, do any of you know any laptops that support NVIDIA Geforce video cards?
  9. I admit that I typed this as fast as I could because I had to go do some homework. So I made a few mistakes when typing it.
  10. I already said that I don't believe it. All that I'm asking is if anyone else besides me received something like this.
  11. Ok, so when I logged into my playstation network account, I had received a message. So I was like Oh, okay, it's probably from one of my friends. So when I was reading it, to sum it up it said, "We here at Sony are truly sorry. We are going to give you a $60 credit to your account in order for you to buy a copy of Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, or Battlefield 3 if you copy this message and send it to all of your friends." I was wondering if anyone else has received this message, cause I don't trust it.
  12. OMG!!! I thought that I was about to have a heart attack while watching the latest School Spirits episode.

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