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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. L.A all the way! And I got two tickets, which I had to buy because i needed to switch seats...
  2. When Namine meets Kairi face to face. I'm upset we don't get to see that more than what we got in KH2.
  3. Every twist in Dream Drop Distance is an ABSOLUTE TWIST!! From the time travelling aspect to (sorta, kinda) true goal of Organization XIII
  4. I hope they have new additions/fixations to this PS4 Remaster collection.
  5. I envisioned Sora flying in a daylight sky along with Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Lea, and all the OCs in the style of Fire Emblem Awakening's cover.
  6. The only disapointment that I have for 3D's FMV opening is not including Passion/Sanctuary as the background music for it rather we get the instrumental version of Hikari. It would've make a good difference if they made two versions of the opening for the game. One sort of like a Menu Trailer like the maintitles and the real opening itself.
  7. Nomura should realize how important the Symphony of Sorcery world is to the KH universe as it has one of the most potentially trippy worlds in the series, that it could be implemented in KINGDOM HEARTS III at some point!
  8. 1. What were the difference between Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV in terms of the variety of musical styles? 2. Out of all the games that you have worked on, which one is your favorite and made a lasting impression on yourself? 3. How do you spend time relaxing or finding inspiration in writing music?
  9. The Simple and Clean/Hikari remix has gave me "How Deep Is Your Love" feels on repeat. I wonder which DJ was tasked to do this remake, Calvin? I'm happy that we get to see Dwarf Woodland appear in 0.2, and associate that with Ventus in the same vein as CoD with Terra. Looking forward to other worlds that will make an appearence (probably Enchanted Dominion or hoping for some never before seen worlds in the KH series) Its pretty rare for a small game like 0.2 to recieve a huge FMV opening like its numbered counterparts.
  10. My predicaments were true after all that the Princesses of Hearts worlds would be an emphasis in X/Unchained X. However as for the third world, maybe it could be a KH3 world that making its debut in X like either a Disney or an original world.
  11. Im looking forward introducing more characters from at least FFVI, XIII, and maybe XV....
  12. I hope Moana will get that same cross-promo appearence in KH Unchained x the way Zootopia had been.
  13. Do I need to spell it out? Of course its The Grid- Nope, just kidding!! (although I do say The Grid is one strikingly visual of a world) Symphony of Sorcery is byfar the MAIN reason why I care for this game (apart from 3D's convoluted narrative as well). The music and environment will look stunning at 60fps!!!
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