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  1. New medals for Roxas, Axel, and Xion are in KHUx!!!

  2. Good theory. It seems very likely that he's the sixth member of that group. I need to look into X and Unchained X more. I'm currently playing Unchained X at the moment, and I know the basics of the plot, but not the finer details.
  3. Hey welcome to the site! :smile:
  4. My friend is streaming https://www.twitch.tv/everythingintransit According to her, "she's like a six." so come join!

  5. hey this is gonna sound crazy, but were you watching May's stream yesterday? It would seem my post did work.

    1. Serife Isik

      Serife Isik

      yea i know i am in livestream too


    2. kingdomhearts13


      Well, thanks for coming! :) She'll be streaming again in about an hour. Just a short stream today. Come join again if ya want.

    3. Serife Isik

      Serife Isik

      yup maybe i wil come again maybe

  6. Hey guys! My friend is streaming on Twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/everythingintransit Playing h1z1 right now. Gmod and Sims later. Come watch. She'll appreciate it.

  7. I'm conflicted. Part of me wants to update my profile, but it'll take a while sooo....

  8. Longer so I can hit more enemies. But I don't choose based on that. I focus on the keyblade's strength.
  9. I have only one friend who is into Kingdom Hearts. We are both excited for KH3. She has both hd remixes, but she'll only play KH 1 and 2. She won't try BBS even after I told her it's important for KH3, and she'll be pretty lost story wise. Her reasoning is that she only likes playing as Sora. "Sora's the main person", and so she doesn't like any others. She doesn't even like playing as Riku. It annoys me cause she hasn't even given the other characters a chance. So yeah, they're not sidegames, they are important to the story!
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