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  1. The kid who was getting both physically and verbally abused recorded the audio of the bullies to show to the principle and the principle called the fukcing cops on the VICTIM of the bullies and charged him with "wire tapping" and the judge found him GUILTY...This shit pisses me off.
  2. Hell yeah man, Donald master race. xD

  3. You might want to re-read my replies that I sent earlier, as you probably read the crappy un-edited versions tha missed key details. but yeah tell me what you think after you do. did I help at all? i spent so much time on explaining that shit so I'd like to know. x D
  4. The answer is simply this: Sora returned back to the Realm of Sleep. (Notice that it shows him literally enter the portal with his own power, something that we have never seen him do before.) Nomura confirmed it; he said he made that scene solely just to show off Sora's new ability to be able to travel back to the RoS and to thank his dream eaters because Nomura didn't feel right to not have some kind of closure with them. And the TWEWY gang was probably still somewhere in the town, but they had already served their purpose in the story so I guess Nomura either didn't feel the need to include them, he didn't have enough time to, or a little bit of both.
  5. This question wins the internet and the answer solves World War 3.
  6. No problem dude! I love helping people understand the KH story. :](Also because by typing it out so many times it helps me to remember this clusterfukc. x D LOL)Also, with your Roxas/Ven and Xion questions, yup, Ventus' heart was indeed inside of Roxas, although it was still asleep, so Roxas was still essentially lacking a heart of his own for a while. And I'm pretty sure there isn't really a clear explanation as to why he and Namine can both exist at the same time as their somebodies, but I'm guessing it's simply just because both Sora and Kairi were brought back before their nobodies had the chance to die and that's it.And regarding Xion: Roxas didn't absorb her; Sora did. So he only had his own heart and Ven's sleeping heart inside of him at the time before returning to Sora.If you have any more questions, I'll be glad to help!
  7. You gotta synthesize the rest of the Dark Matter, and it's so damn tedious...It took me like 2-3 days of nonstop farming for my Ultima because I was unlucKy with drops
  8. What they've shown so far is already almost like the intros/secret endings to 1 and 2. And Nomura even said that what we've seen in the trailers is "FAR" from how good the graphics are going to look in the final game, so that alone pretty much tells us it'll be cgi quality.
  9. lol dude I have been waiting double that; since 2006, when KH2 came out.
  10. If this is true...I'm looking forward to all the KH 3 YouTube ads nearing release! Nice! This could potentially increase the fanbase.
  11. I work, and I'm done with college for now. I work at a BUSY fast food restaurant called Steak 'n Shake (dine in AND drive thru...) and cook burgers and other items for millions and millions of people...I was the person who voted 'I hate it.' It's fukcing bullshit and extremely stressful, but the money is good.
  12. I'm pretty sure this came out after the game's release, so I likely would have beaten the game before this came out since I got it opening day lmao, since I had no spoilers at all
  13. Quite frankly, the games this year SUCK so far besides maybe DBZ: Battle of Z, and inFAMOUS Second Son which comes out today. Although I don't get a PS4 until June, so... But Borderlands 2 comes out for the Vita in 2 months so I'm excited for that!!!
  14. WOW...I can't believe it's already been almost 10 years......
  15. I bet NO ONE can guess who I picked... But Kairi is BARELY in 2nd place!!
  16. I have two Victini's so I can give one to you one of these days. Can't be today or tomorrow since I'm in a crappy hotel atm but I'll let ya know
  17. SADLY....This cheat system lets you edit pokemon you already have and make THEM shiny, so nope. :[ And, same here. I have a LEGIT 4-6 31 IV team ALL shiny that I made myself. It took me like 300 hours to do it and now everyone with this AR can do it in under 10 minutes...
  18. I meant the people who are hacking can just avoid updating their game so they can keep hacking it, and then when they're done with all their hacks then they'd just update and flood online with hacked pokes
  19. It's quite the opposite. I'm actually surprised that it took them three entire years to make it; The first AR DS came out within a few months of the original DS's release
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