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    I love Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians :)
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  1. No, I was only playing around. Sorry you got the wrong idea. But I didn't really mean you tho. I just meant dedede in general You are really Meta Knight
  2. Is really King Dedede! And is best friends with Barry as well lol
  3. LOL Yep, even a level 100 Arceus can belong to a 10 year old trainer, lol
  4. No, it's Rise of the Guardians obsession Land Mainly with Jack Frost
  5. Hi :) Sorry I didn't come on the other 2 days...I went to someone's birthday party the other day

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    2. ~DawnStar2004~


      Mmmm chocolate cake yay xD


      Cheese: I like chocolate cake!

    3. princessnamine


      Yeah :D


      I kinda knew you still obsess over him. xD;


      Yay! x3

    4. ~DawnStar2004~


      Yeah, i had a really cool dream about the organization 13 last night. Although it was kind of dark lol.


      I also dreamt i had a ds game of My Little Pony!!! And it had lots of cool levels where you could play as pinkie and fluttershy in it xD And we had two copies of the game too

  6. Hi! :D I love your avatar :) (even though I haven't seen Frozen yet xD I'm gonna hopefully see it sometime)

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Thank you! :D I like your Jack Frost avatar! ^^

      I hope you get to see it! :O It's pretty great xD

  7. Congratulations! Also I love that song
  8. Must...resist...going to sleep (I usually get nervous after the holidays before I get back to school. It's just me ) Yeah, I don't like homework either. D: *finds it boring* But it is great to socialize there though
  9. Hi :D

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    2. princessnamine


      That's nice :) Though my school started today though D:

    3. I♥KH


      meh. mine was in monday. I wish now for another holiday.

    4. princessnamine


      Me too. I liked the holidays xD

  10. I'm kinda shy at posting here at the moment ^^; (considering this is my first post in the forum games for weeks)
  11. Aww, that's nice of you! I'm sure Dawnie will love it!
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