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  1. They sound crazy... I'm not that big of a fanboy of BBS to the point where I want Sora to be replaced. Honestly, I was afraid of playing BBS because Sora wasn't the main character lol
  2. Oh no, don't get me wrong. I respect your opinion and I'm not telling you to worship the game or anything. I just personally think BBS was the best one storywise. A lot of people would argue that I didn't have much of an impact or wasn't their keychain for their keyblade. Actually, Kingdom Hearts 2 seems to be everyone's favorite, since it was a console game. But it's just my friendly opinion You made a good point on your initial topic about the 4 remaining Organization members. I've always wondered that myself...
  3. Am I the only one who caught the part that said that Sora sometimes changes into a different person?
  4. I'm just gonna go off of what I know about Kingdom Hearts. I have Played every game, read each and every interview, read every one of Ansem's, Xehanort's, and Xemnas's reports and letters. I have also read the complete diaries on KH 358/2. And, I have watched the Kingdom Hearts timeline, which goes in depth with the entire story and all of it's secrets. But, there is no sputing you. If there is one thing that I have learned in life, it's to not argue with women.
  5. So, I was correct about why Kairi is able to use the Keyblade, but where does he say the part about Ven and Roxas?.....
  6. Oh, you're a girl? I'm sorry for calling you a guy name. Didn't mean to. It's kinda cool that a girl is as huge of a fan as you are. I've only met one girl like you, and she works at the Gamestop in my home town. Anyways, back to topic. If you can find any in-game proof that your statements are true, then I will submit 100% to that truth. I'm not proving that my theory is true, because as I said before, it's a theory. However, I don't recall ever hearing Axel state his thoughts about him protecting Sora because of Roxas. I DO, however, remember him wanting Roxas back from Sora. So if he wanted the Nobody of Sora, why would he protect him?
  7. Also, if I remember correctly, there are two ways that someone can become a Keyblade bearer. The right of passage and by touthing one, like Kairi did with Aqua. Aqua never did the right of passage. She only instilled her with the magic to free a sleeping heart. Such magic was seen when Kairi's pendant flashed and brought back sora from his Heartless form in KH 1. Terra did the right of passage on Riku, which is why he can weild the Keyblade. However, because Kairi came in contact with Aqua's keyblade, she was able to weild one for herself in KH 2. And that is also why Yen Sid ordered her summoning at the Mysterious tower at the end of KH 3D. Because Ven has the ability to weild the keyblade and Sora's heart is connected to Ven's, he is able to weild the Keyblade. Sora never came in contact with a Keyblade. He was being swallowed by darkness, and his heart opened up to his abilities (granted by Ven) so that he could summon the Keyblade.
  8. Like I said, there have been a lot of twists in Kingdom Hearts. Just because Axel never mentioned that he knew Ven doesn't mean that your statement is true. Yen Sid is all knowing, but there is a LOTthat he hasn't mentioned.... I feel like you're offended buddy.
  9. I wasn't offended at all I understand that forums are to discuss. I just felt that it wasn't recognized as a theory. I'm not mad or anything. I just want to make people understand my intentions before they jump to conclusions and say that I'm wrong. I mean who knows, everything in Kingdom Hearts could be a lie. No, I'm not Tetsuya lol
  10. Okay, I want to start off by saying (for the guy who decided to number his responses) 1- This was not intended to offend ANYONE 2- I think some of you need to look up the word "Theory" and figure out what it means 3- I started by saying it was a thought, therefore, none of this COULD be true 4- I will NOT know (just like everyone else) what his true intentions or knowledge is/was until the final game in the franchise. Kingdom Hearts has taken many turns, as seen in KH 3D and KH 2. I MAY or MAY NOT be correct in SOME of these thoughts, but WE won't KNOW until the final game of this saga is released and we play it. Again, this is a THEORY. NOT INTENDED TO BE TRUE OR FACTUAL. By the way, this is my first thread on this Forum and I have been a member for some time. Please don't make my opinion ruin your thoughts on the game. I'm sorry if I came off as a know-it-all, but some of the things stated in Flaming Lea's comment were stated in my THEORY. I'm not singling you out or anything, but you seemed offended that I included your favorite character in my THEORY. Please, don't take it the wrong way. I'm sorry if I offended you. Have a nice day. P.S. Lea is my second favorite character in the series behind Ventus, which lead me to this THEORY.
  11. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I was thinking of this the other day while I was watching an AMV about Axel. This is my theory on who Axel/Lea was protecting. By this, I mean was he protecting Sora, or Roxas? As you know, in the beginning of KH BBS, Ventus was seen on Destiny Island with Master Xehanort. His heart had been split into two parts, one fully of light and another of darkness. While his heart was fractured, he encountered Sora's heart. The two hearts mixed and Ventus was able to be functional again. Since Ventus beared the Keyblade, this allowed Sora to do so as well, if any of you are still wondering why he has that ability. The darkness of Ven, AKA Vanitas, got his appearances from the heart of Sora getting stronger inside of Ventus. When the two clashed at the Keyblade Graveyard, a part of Sora that was inside of Ventus linked to Vanitas, therefore giving him the appearance of the future Sora, much like what was seen with Xion. Skipping ahead a little to Kingdom Hearts, Sora still kept the sleeping heart of Ventus inside of him. In order to rescue Kairi, Sora had to give up his heart. As you all know, when a Heartless is formed from a powerful heart, a Nobody is also formed. Since the remainder of the heart inside of Sora was Ven's, Roxas took the appearance of Ven. Now, here comes the part where Axel is involved. During BBS, Lea and Isa encountered Ventus in Radiant Garden. Lea and Ventus engaged in combat, thus linking the two as friends. Skipping ahead to 358/2 Days, Axel and Roxas are a team in the Organization. Axel continues to mention that Roxas and he were friends before. In this case, he means when the two of them were Lea and Ventus. He doesn't pay much attention to the complete name difference, seeing how all of the Organization members take on a different persona. In Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM, Axel goes against the orders of the Organization to protect Sora. But is he really protecting Sora for the purpose of Kingdom Hearts, or is he doing it for Ventus? Axel knows that Ventus's heart was sleeping inside of Sora, and without Sora's heart to guide Ventus's, Ven could not be awakened. In KH 3D, Axel wakes up in Radiant Garden as Lea. He learns from Ienzo that the ones who were turned into Nobodies from different worlds would recover in a place known as Twilight Town, and that their hearts may still be asleep. Learning this, he seeks guidance from Yen Sid, and takes up the Keyblade, after discovering from Roxas during all of their missions that it is the only weapon that can wake a sleeping heart. So after all of this time, Axel was only trying to find his long lost friend, Ventus. But why would he go so far for Ventus when he barely knew him? Was he following someone's orders, as he always claims to be doing? "There is so much to learn. You understand so little." -Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  12. Any fans that attend GSU in Statesboro, Ga?

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