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  1. Can I just say your art is really great! You're really talented!

    1. Taeyeon


      Thanks! It means a lot to me to when you and others comment about my art ^_^.

  2. B-But I thought I was Ruby...

  3. Username (Your account on Pokémon Showdown): No. i Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST) Days Available (June 19th - June 28th): It depends. The only days I know I won't be available are the 21-23. Your Favourite Baby Pokémon: Eevee Questions: I'll need to practice with someone since I haven't played anything related to Pokémon in years...
  4. Ruby


    It's "Summer Rose Thus Kindly I Scatter". It's supposed to be an allusion to Thomas Moore's poem "The Last Rose of Summer", as stated in the wiki.
  5. Ruby


    Someone on Tumblr said who voiced who. I'm not sure if its official though except for Yang who Monty said was Barbara Dunkelman. If Lindsay is voicing Ruby, I think she needs to work on it a little more. It seemed a bit too high pitched to me.Edit: Monty did say he had to pull out Kara for White's trailer, so it's official she's Weiss. As for Blake and Ruby, I'm still not sure.
  6. September 10th Happy Early Birthday Lu Xun!
  7. What's you favorite color? Who's your favorite RWBY character so far? Why are you so bored? Are you tall? Do you go on other forums besides KH13? What are your most favorite visited sites? What are your favorite games? What was your first ship? Do you like a lot of fanfiction? Do you like Yaoi? Yuri? Have you by any chance heard of or watched/read anything related to the Fate franchise? Why am I even asking you these questions?
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