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  1. Kairi's holy princess of heart spells...

  2. I’ve got a message for your DMs

    1. Heather Chandler

      Heather Chandler

      That could be good or bad

  3. Lalalablah


    Chain reaction, hit one heartless, hit all surrounding heartless of the same type in that battle area and deal the same amount of damage to each.
  4. When all of us get together in person, our team will be even more unstoppable than we are now

  5. I’m looking for Shana09, what’s she been up to?

  6. When I get Kingdom Hearts 3. Oh. Big smiles.
  7. riku didn't fail. he is so cool.
  8. Do you like my meme? I just made it. https://imgur.com/a/BPB3d8O</img>
  9. alive and well i am

  10. i have russian coffee but im missing something else

  11. i had a dream i was you

  12. I've been scribbling in my notebook, whenever I draw the essence of Sora, Riku comes out, and vice versa. The pages end covered in ink though, hard to decipher individual figures. At first it wasn't intentional but I've gotten better at recognizing when the other starts to emerge. So I've accepted that the two are from the same source and are exceptionally linked, but my next question is who came first, Sora or Riku? By this I mean, does Riku exist in Sora but not in the same way that Sora exists in Riku? In both cases the essence flows from Sora. .-.
  13. anybody have any theories for this im talking crazy, break the fourth wall deep shhiz
  14. oh this argument style just helped me with my essay too, thanks
  15. I so want to quote this entire thing in my essay
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