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  1. dear past me: why you gotta be so cringey. why did you have to talk about a lizard falling off your ceiling. why couldnt you just shut up and make refs for your ocs like everybody else

  2. Callie pulled into the parking lot of the fair with uncontrolled excitement and happiness, tapping on the steering wheel as she found a parking spot and climbing out of the car with a backpack over her shoulders and a huge smile on her face. The trip from New York to Texas was exhausting, and she'd rather forget the dirty motels at three in the morning and the fact that she nearly got lost in Tennessee. She had planned going to this fair weeks in advance, planning her route and stops very thoroughly, despite having a reputation for just diving head first into things. She had to admit, though: Texas was much, much different than New York. Hot, humid, and too many bikers for her liking. She felt like she was going to melt the moment she stepped out of her air-conditioned car. She wondered how anybody could handle this temperature without dying of heat stroke or bathing in ice. Keeping her complaints and not paying much attention to the differences around her anymore, she hurriedly made her way to get her ticket, bumping into people occasionally when she did get said ticket and went inside, the amount of people astounding her and she set out to look for anything quite interesting to her.
  3. the dialogue boxes that show up normally here on computer are absolutely ridiculous on mobile

  4. Ooh! Ooh!! I like this! Name: Lockehart Indegi (Locke) Weapon: Red-handled spear with a rather large pointed blade, a black ribbon wrapped around for a "handle". Magic(if any): Light; can conjure up blasts of brightness or use it for defensive purposes Appearance: Bio: Locke was once the heir to a grand kingdom, but being an adventure-seeker, she refused a chance at her rightful crown and set out for her adventure. Her uncle took her under his wing and taught her everything she knows, building her up into a powerful sorceress and soldier. Role-play is the character from: none Special skills: Teleportation, but its range is only a few feet and she can't use it more than once in rapid succession.
  5. Name: Callie Hudson Age: 20 Species: Human Gender: Female Appearance: Corresponding Lion: Yellow Bayard: Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon Abilities (if any): Being human, Callie possesses no special abilities, aside from the ones granted to her while piloting her Lion. The Yellow Lion uses a tail laser and the laser in its mouth to destroy targets. The tail laser is much more reliable and focused, while the laser in its mouth is wider and has much more power. It generally takes down its targets by body-slamming or breaking off parts of the target. Personality: Rather boyish and would rather take things head on, but she has a big heart and is always a good shoulder to cry on. She is normally loud and rambunctious. Biography: Callie was raised in New York for most of her life and managed to gain a reliable reputation while there. Her friends would refer to her as a tank-ish person, despite her soft heart. She had always lent an ear towards conversations of her galaxy and universe but never paid much attention to it past a small laugh. Extra Info: - Tends to annoy people without realizing it - Her loud mouth has definitely gotten her into trouble quite a few times - Probably gay Theme (optional):
  6. lmao my last status update was from 2013 and i don't even remember what it was about

  7. If yellow is up for grabs, I have an OC I could use for this... Seems really interesting!!
  8. Heya! Jesus christ it's been forever since I've been here. And... Going back on my old posts I've changed so much. I'm cringing at some of the crap I did. But I'm back! I've recently got into Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy again after the recent releases and since starting my webcomic, I've gotten more into writing fantasy again. I've been keeping a close eye on the roleplaying forum for a thread I'd be interested in for the past few days! I'm also planning to make a thread based on my webcomic but I've gotta change some things to make it playable and stranger friendly. In summary, I'm back into action and ready to write! Hey, guys!
  9. Alright, since everyone seems to be rather excited about this, I'll edit a few things in the plot to make it better. If anyone has any suggestions, say em now.
  10. Scavenger hunts are hard, especially role playing ones... Though I find role playing a scavenger hunt more fun then the real stuff.

  11. I know the year is weird, but I'm afraid if I revise it I'll end up mixing it in with Halo 4. And I'm betting the Prophets in my plot is also something that needs fixing..
  12. Wooooops, I'll fix that. Thanks.Eh, since I've already screwed this up I won't fix anything and just let the moderators lock the thread.. There's always the Halo forums though. I have a feeling that if I actually start the roleplay it won't go very smoothly anyway.
  13. A baby lizard fell from my ceiling fan and scared the shite out of me so bad I jumped and hit my back on the oven . .

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    2. LockyChan


      I don't know o-o we don't own any lizards but they do live in our backyard. I dunno how one got into my ceiling fan though...

    3. AuraAce


      A day in the life of Locky:

      A Lizard fell from the roof

      Shit hit the fan (Like my joke? ;))

      The end.

    4. LockyChan
  14. ((Please keep in mind I've only played up to about half of Halo 4. So my knowledge of the latest Halo games is a bit vague~)) Year 2568, July 23. The Covenant has broken its alliance with Earth and has planned an attack directly on its military. The weapons, the ships and aircrafts, all will be insinerated with a flick of a wrist. The Master Cheif is gone, lost somewhere unknown and long forgotten. But Dr. Halsey has started the work of new "ultimate soldiers" once again, and work has been going well so far. But the Covenant has also began improvements. The ships and armies are larger, much larger, and weapons have improved a great deal. Yes, their are no more Prophets, but the Elites have taken over and command everything now. Though, some Elites have decided to stay banded with Earth. The new Cheif's are ready for battle, some stronger than others and some outwit the others. But can Earth resist the alien forces once more, or perish under the great deal of damage? • RULES • • NO god modding. Everyone hates it. • NO one-hit KO. Unless you picked up an Energy Sword somewhere(with my permission), your weapons will not kill immediately. • YOU WILL run out of ammo! Like in the real Halo games, depending on where you are, there going to be weapons and ammo laying around. If your weapon runs out of ammo, pick a weapon up or find its appropriate package. • IM the commander here. I will have someone else commanding as well, but mostly I choose where we go and where we are in that immediate moment. • YOU CAN be an elite and side with Earth. No one said you couldn't. • KH13 rules apply. • CHARACTER SHEET • Name: Age(18-35): Gender: Armor*: Primary Weapon: Secondary Weapon: Personality: Armor Colour**: Race: Appearance(if no armor): *Armor is optional. Don't worry, you'll still have the shields the armor does. **Do not have to fill out unless you wear armor. Enjoy, and we'll start when we have enough players
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