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  1. Cap card came in the mail

  2. NFL Sucks but the Steelers are most likely gonna miss. College Football is wayyyy better
  3. never try to rush anything, you darn fool

  4. Yeah, was just found. A dude named AceUhh found the original clip here And then Bl00dyBizkit's and chat found out the rest. Fun times. With this glitch, you can skip all the CoR fights, all the data fights, all the absent silhouettes, and still get a crown. It doesn't show that in the video though. If you haven't done any CoR fights then you will be treated to a room with all the portals. The chest with the crown is in the middle even though you haven't done any of the data fights, and all the portals to the data fights don't work.

  6. Back like lateral passing


  8. Try to beat him low level proud mode in the original KHFM. Not fun.
  9. A teacher I am with a lot really likes Kingdom Hearts. Pretty cool yo

  10. I am still deciding on whether or not I will even be getting 2.8. If the people saying full price are right there is no way i am buying it.
  11. Thanks brain, I know we had to wake up very early this morning but you didnt have to wake me up every 30 mins last night

  12. Every piece of art from Nomura that is KH has at least one character that looks a little weird.

    1. Pokemoncuzzie


      In the recent one Riku and Aqua look like twins to me xD

  13. Just hope that people will not call it a bad review if they don't give it a good score. I would understand if a lot of what they said made no sense but if it does and it has a bad score I will highly respect the review. The 2.5 review makes no sense though. The guy said it has shortened load times, it does, but only for BBS. The load times for 2FMHD are miserable compared to the original 2FM. Plus 2.5 has a ton of problems that are pretty clear but the reviewer never mentioned them.
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