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  1. Haven't listened to it yet. I like saving some things for when I play the game for the first time
  2. All of the above except release date...At the very least a new trailer for sure.
  3. Highschool was meh. Not bad, not great. Went by rather boring for me, nothing like most teenagers with all their bullying, drugs and scandals. University is sooo much more fun. Hang in there high schoolers
  4. Somewhat interested for sure. Not sure if I'd have the time to, nor the reporter and people skills
  5. man... publishing with Unreal Engine requires you pay Epic Games 5% of all sales. Epic games is gonna make heaps off KH3
  6. Work and study, study and work, same as every day. FML...
  7. I still don't have a PS3 (it's on its way now tho!). I had to borrow a friend's PS3 to play 1.5, didn't want to keep it from him so I didn't 100% it. Once I get my PS3, 100%ing KH1.5 is on my list (as well as playing Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, The Last of Us, Sly Racoon... yeah I should have bought a PS3 ages ago).
  8. So we went from near absolute zero news for KH2.5 for months, and suddenly we might get an actual playable demo at E3?? Wow that's a heck of a jump Also this Chrome add-on is awesome! Can't wait to be instantly notified when more news pops up!! Thanks guys
  9. Heyyyy Australia. Also a New South Wales resident.
  10. I started uni recently, and my weekly timetable is so full. Most days I don't get home until 8-11 at night, and then I have dinner, homework, and am dead tired. Video games have taken a hit for me this year, and I don't like it
  11. Key and Peele are goddamn hilarious! When I want to introduce them to my friends, I have no idea which video to pick because they're all so good! But you picked a solid three there OP. It's a shame they're mainly a tv show, I doubt they get the viewers they could on the web. I wish they'd move completely to the internet, currently only a couple skits are posted on Youtube every week. I love how exceptionally good Peele is at playing a woman though
  12. Well the poll title asks in general, but the options are specifically concerning difficulty. In general, I love the optional/secret bosses in every KH game thus far (perhaps excepting 358/2 Days, they were hard but simple, and mere heartless). I really hope they include many or at least several more secret bosses in KH3. With regards to difficulty, for the most part I love where it is at the moment. They're very difficult, particularly at lower-mid levels. Only by grinding can one even the playing field just a little. Keep it where it's at, just give us more My favourite fight so far is Mysterious Figure, that was ominous and intense.
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