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  1. Great to finally get another teaser... but no new footage for E3? I mean, I don't mean to sound greedy, but it has been a year since the game was revealed, you'd think they'd have made just a little progress in that time?
  2. I'm glad we finally have a release date, but december?? I thought they said 2.5 ReMIX would take less time because they didn't have to recreate everything from scratch??
  3. ...screw it, I want a world based on the Gummi Bears!!! No, I'm serious :-) we have had Winnie the Pooh two times, and both times his world contributed nothing to the overall plot, but was only an optional side-quest. So why not? I can honestly imagine how colourful and illustrative the world could be, and how the Gummiberry Juice could be implemented as a power-up imagine Sora aquiring the strength of 100 men while fighting off Igthorn and his ogres!! Or that there will be a Secret Super Boss that will be easier if you save the juice for that :-) I know, by nature, that people will likely shoot this idea down, but I honestly think it could be a fun "breather"-world.
  4. * Drive Forms return * Treasure Planet as a world * Sora, Riku AND Kairi being playble - in the same way as in BBS - but having some worlds be character-exclusive, to avoid making repeated playthroughs boring - let them have Keyblade Armor, but ones that can be activated during battle - ...on the other hand, give us a mix between Drive Forms and Keyblade Armor * Lavos as a secret boss, where you fight alongside Chrono * Have Sora and Kairi kiss
  5. As I'm sure everyone knows, Square, prior to 1.5's release, stated in an interview that the original programming for Kingdom Hearts 1 had been lost, and that 1.5 therefore had to be re-build from scratch. My question though, if this is the case, then how come KHFMHD looks exactly identcal to the original game? Will you tell me that the team photographically remembered exactly how every cutscene played out down to smallest detail, and how everything in the game looked and functioned? Or am I misunderstanding the term "build from scratch"?
  6. I am currently trying to get this trophy, but I am uncertain of whether Abillities count as "Equipment"? Can someone WHO has got thi trophy please clarify this?
  7. I can't wait for whatever Kingdom Hearts related things will (hopefully) be shown at E3. Hard to believe that the reveal trailer was actually one year ago, so come on, this year they must have at least gotten a little farther in development to be able to show some significant gameplay footage. When was that confirmed?
  8. I asked if the previously unvoiced cutscenes in Final Mix II would be voiced in english.A while ago I did ask the same thing on the forum, but at this point I ain't taking anything that's not coming directly from Square themselves or the official website. And yes, fully voiced cutscenes is important to me for my gameplay experience. It breaks the immersion for me otherwise.
  9. So did I that's why I made this topic. Well, you could always emulate it or mod your Wii ^^'
  10. Yes there is :-) but like I said, it only got localized for Europe. And I got mine through.... amazon.co.uk I think? It's really not that hard to find. Agreed and I also loved that the DS was brought back in AC:R (yes I call it by it's European name), but this time more resembling a DSi and she also gets a Wii-mote.
  11. I (finally) just finished playing the European/Japanese-only sequel to the cult classic DS game, called Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories. Great game in many ways, beautiful music, and a fantastic atmosphere, though not as good as the original in my opinion. It has a lot of potential for a third game, problem is it didn't really sell that well at all (less than 15.000 copies in Japan according to Wikipedia), and I am DYING to get another chapter for either Wii U or 3DS..... but it will most likely never happen. I would like to hear the opinions from all two of you who knows what I'm even talking about.
  12. Thanks for the answers guys :-) And "Metal Snake", I didn't think about that at all, but it makes perfect sense what you say about how bull it is with the whole "Kairi touched Aqua's keyblade which triggered the ceremony", and how many people that would mean can now wield it because they touched Sora's. But if Xehanort doesn't seak to re-forge the original X-blade, but rather gather ingredients for a new one, then why was it even brought up that the original one got scattered? Just for the sake of us knowing what it was made of? And if 13 darknesses and 7 lights are nesessary, then how could Ventus and Vanitas temporarily forge one by just the two of them fighting? In BBS I seem to recall being told that the X-blade is created when a light- and a dark force with equal strengths colide in battle, so when exactly was the whole "13 dark/7 light" rule brought up? I really hope Kingdom Hearts III answers more questions than it will raise.
  13. Sora x Kairi, no one else. I would say Roxas x Xion and I really liked the friendly romance they had going on in 358, but she is gone now. Next I would have said Roxas x Namine, which techically came to fruition when they fused with Sora and Kairi at the end of KHII.
  14. I recently watched GameTrailers' "Kingdom Hearts Timeline" video, and though very well made, I still have some questions that I hope someone will answer. 1. I understand now that Kairi is able to handle a Keyblade because she touched Aqua's in Birth by Sleep, but I still don't get why Riku was the one to give it to her in Kingdom Hearts II, and where did HE get it from? 2. Ansem the Wise got stranded in the Realm of Darkness because of Terranort, but how did he get out in the form of DiZ? And if he found a way, why didn't he take Aqua with him? 3. I understand that the X-blade was scattered into 13 pieces of darkness and 7 of light, with the 7 lights being the seven princesses because.... Nomura wills it. But then Xemnas tried to collect 13 darknesses by assembling the Organization, and whenthat fails, Young Xehanort tries the same thing with 13 timetravel incarnations of himself. But if the X-blade was scattered into 13 SPECIFIC pieces of darkness, then how does he hope to re-forge it by collecting 13 random bad guys? The way I see it, is if you imagine a puzzle where you lose 13 of the pieces, and then instead of searching for those 13 pieces, you go out and gather 13 new ones, in hope that they'll fit. Get me? 4. Final question for the day: Why does Kairi always appear on the monitors of the Skyscrapper in The World That Never Was? What is her connection to that place? Hope someone knows some legit answers, cuz I really wanna understand this. Axel getting a keyblade is still bullsh*t though........ unless Kingdom Hearts III justifies it.
  15. 1:28 what game is that?As for the "wait a little longer" comment, I have left my faith at the doorstep. I had complete faith that KHIII would come eventually, but now that they have finally announced it but simultaneously gets cold feet because of the fans' high expectations (no f***ing sh*t), I don't know where to put my faith anymore.
  16. Yeah, but why do they happen? Because someone is/are not careful enough with the files. Ugly faces? Are you kidding me?? The graphics and models look great!! Why doesn't so many b*tch about that?
  17. Oh well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess, that I forgot that the almighty godly PC can use controllers. Now will you please step down from your pedestal?
  18. Like I started out saying, PC gamers are so full of themselves and praise the PC like godly piece of hardware that could easily compare to the power of a PS7 if one ever comes out - and you good sir proved me right^^
  19. Or what if a gimmick about Anti Form was that Sora could absorb different Heartless for added effects?
  20. You would think that SE Europe could keep a better eye on their documents. I mean seriously, do the employers purposefully leak the documents to f**k with the fans??
  21. Well, sometimes the best defence is a good offence
  22. Well that's what they said>_> and when did they say that?
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