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  1. So when the game first came out I had no issues at all and I can't really pinpoint when this started because I was playing on and off but I've been trying to get back into it and it will just randomly crash. ):Usually during missions or even when I went to view my keyblades earlier. I'm not sure why It's doing this and it's just really really annoying. I'm using an lg pad f 8.0 Does anyone have any ideas or anything that might help me? I'd love to continue to play this game on my tablet because the screen size is nice and big compared to my S6 edge and I don't want to have to play it on that. ;; Thank you !
  2. Still possible it could launch midnight pst.
  3. Just wanted to share this little thing I did today as a gift for a tumblr user ~ u wu Image is also up on my deviantArt and Tumblr!
  4. Got this hella rad bracelet over at Thepixelsmithy and just wanted to share it with you guys. u v u
  5. Ahhh sorry if the image is kinda big! I shrunk it to half its size so it wouldn't be tooooo bad. But anyway. Here's cutie Ventus, just taking a really really long nap. e u e If you want to see the bigger version you can check it out on my deviantArt.
  6. Got my CE on the 28th.But I've been too busy to play yet.
  7. Of course! Just the enjoyment I got from opening the box made it worth it haha.
  8. Finally got it today!Post man had forgotten to deliver it with the rest of the mail earlier so he had to come back a couple hours later.
  9. I didn't think mine would be in the spam either because of that same reason but I found it there yesterday. I generally never ever look at my spam too I just happened to be looking for an email that day.
  10. Got my shipping confirmation email today! [For some reason it was in my spam folder though?] So i'll be posting pictures in a couple days. C: Can't wait!
  11. I pre ordered a couple days after they announced and I got the email, so i'm not sure about that haha. But yeah, still a decent amount, I was pretty surprised too, thought it would be gone by now so I tried to order asap.
  12. Haha yeah same, I'm pretty interested to know too. I wonder if they'll ever tell us how many were available.
  13. Got an email from square a few minutes ago mentioning there's only 5,000 more copies available. Just posting this here if anyone was interested in knowing, though I assume most people here get Square's emails as well.
  14. The plush wasn't something specific for this edition, its been for sale for a while, you can find it on ebay and other sites. c:
  15. YOUR ART IS AWESOME :D I love it all!

    1. GreeNuu


      Ahh thank you so much!!! ;u;

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