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  1. Of course it would, you questioned the power of Kairi. Anyways, it's all due to lack of expressing ideas clearly. And as someone who has a hard time with words, this happens a lot to me.
  2. Alright, I understand what you are talking about completely though you did break the rule to my question, About the movie thing though, eh, not really, usually that only works for me when certain hints that change the outcome to something I wouldn't expect are made cleverly subtle.
  3. Pfft- Hahaha! C'mon, I know you'd want to see wrecking ball Sora.
  4. It's alright, Superior. *pat's back*
  5. If anything, Donald and Goofy stand out just as badly. A precipitated cheese blend of different styles, I guess that's the charm of the game?
  6. I wasn't serious when I made this post but anyways. Aside from Final Fantasy everything else doesn't feel right either. Probably with Square's new engine with lighting the live action characters from Tron and PotC could look more believable? Ew, now I have to look at the image to get a link. http://media.heavy.com/media/2013/06/m7.gif
  7. I'm going through art block, you gave me an idea. Oh and isn't Donald already half naked?
  8. So you'd prefer We Can't Stop? I was going to put an image of it here, I myself couldn't stand looking at it.
  9. Riku-yes Sora probably doesn't have an ass look at how skinny he is, he should have eaten his dinner. Maybe the wrecking Ball should be a summon or one of them weapon transformations I've been hearing about.
  10. Does Miley in KH scare you that much? Wouldn't it be so much fun to play a sing along game like in Atlantis where you can sing Best of Both Worlds, Everybody Makes Mistakes, Wrecking Ball and We can't stop? Maybe we can see Sora naked.
  11. I hate having to use my frontal cortex to this level, but I'll try. Um, so basicly you guys would find the reasoning behind a relationship being destroyed (if it happens in the future) surprising because of what happened in ddd and how this whole plot can lead up to it? I think I get what your saying, but not really the connection. If that's your reasoning, that's your reasoning, even if I didn't decipher it right.
  12. 1. Well, some of the language choices and tone were questionable, that is what got me 2. Refer to # 4 3. Refer to #4 4. It sounds more like you are talking about Xehanort revealing his plans in 3d being what surprised you instead of the actual moment when it is revealed as to how Axel and Saix started to tear apart. Maybe that was the issue, your reasoning sounded a little bit indirect to what is being reason so I couldn't really click it together. Do you think you can tell me what you think about the Axel/Saix relationship and how that surprised you. It's not that you're not agree with my opinion, you can have a completely different opinion and I won't care, just that the opinion you have doesn't make much sense to me.
  13. I think she deserves more than what she got in the game. Due to lack of sceentime to give her development many people look at her as a Sue. She needs her shining moment.
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