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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Two things Starting off, I have played (and enjoyed) every game all the way through and I have played 3D three (grueling) times now. I know most lore and most common understanding between a heartless, nobody and trueself? plus a majority of who is connected to Sora and how. Also this is full of SPOLIERS just in case people haven't played the game and don't want to continue reading. Now that that is all out of the way. Can someone please explain to me if the seven sleeping worlds were actually sleeping worlds or were they time traveling the whole time? I am just so confused on so many levels. Were there worlds from different time periods or multiverse's? Also how did Joshua play in the role of warning Riku about how it is fishy that there are two of a world and all that mess, two different Traverse Towns and such. So many things in that game gave me a headache.... And moving on from that, how did people enjoy this game? It might be because I hardly understand how half the stuff happened during the game but there are other reasons why it is honestly my least favorite game in the series. Reasons: Dream Eaters as partners- Kiddy, gimmicky and I would honestly want lvl 1 Donald or Mulan as my partner the entire time. Plus needing to 'evolve' and gain experience with these things in order to gain new commands was really a daunting task that seemed separate from the main game. Music- Aside from normal KH music and such, the new music for each world didn't fit with regular KH music. It was very well composed but didn't feel like KH to me. Especially the Fantasia world, I muted the world the second and third time I played it. Drop system- Goes without saying Flow Motion- Not natural and yes I know they were "dream worlds" (which technically they aren't if it is true we were just time traveling the entire time) but all I had to do was jump up, wall jump higher, smash down, repeat for every dream eater and took nothing at all. Once they all knew Master Xehanort had interfered with the Mark of Mastery, it shouldn't been about the test or anything. It wasn't Sora's fault he was tricked into being put into a deep sleep by Young X and because of that he failed. I just don't understand what happened outside of MX showing up, saying all of his plans were on purpose and proclaiming the clash happen soon enough. Although I am not sure why he still made YMX gather the 13 Darknesses just so they can all disappear and says "Lol jk next time in KH3 bitches its going down at the keyblade graveyard. Bring your keyblades, peace!" Jokes aside, can someone try to explain this too me, I love the franchise and I know enough to know what will come in KH3 but I like knowing all the ins and outs of every game, 3D is just to difficult for me to understand.
  2. We know from the trailers the release will be in 2014 but so far no news (anticipating news soon) on specifics. Not sure if there will be another a gap between the Japan and the rest of world release, just like 1.5, but we can discuss. Also I believe the 'delay' of release for 1.5 was unexpected, all of KH1 original content/files lost. And despite this from Nomura: "I think I mentioned this before, but it was more difficult with KH 1.5 since there was no remaining data to go off of. (wry laugh) This time Birth by Sleep is included in the compilation and originally the Osaka team worked on that, so they have the know how and there haven’t been any problems so far." There could still be a potential for a delay, there are two Final Mix games plus I heard Re:Coded will have more interaction.
  3. You could argue KH2 is longer due to having to revisit every world, I just hope they do make each world's story longer and still entertaining at the same time and don't make us visit each world 3 times lol.
  4. I think people forget that for the early 2000's the KH main titles were long enough for the adventure of finding out what to do next and so forth. Both I and II were during the last years of people not having access to finding out how to complete games online or through walkthroughs. In the first KH I remember, as a 9 year old, I found myself stuck in Tarzan and Hollow Bastion for hours let alone trying to level up and such for all the final bosses. Then in KH2 they gave you helpful reminders of "GET MONEY TO HANYER AT TRAM STATION" That took away that sense of adventure a bit, but the game itself was twice as long as the first. Maybe it is just me, but I wish for less help in direction like in KHI.
  5. Or worse, they end KH3 with a cliff hanger that darkness lingers inside the data worlds and the game after KH3 is Re:Coded II..
  6. Maybe we can all now speculate on whether it means Aqua will come back or maybe also it hinting that Eraqus will be involved some how?
  7. Lots of lots of info, props. And lots and lots of comments. I saw one comment relating back to why Roxas at the end of Days can wield two Keyblades, and stating they were borrowed by Sora and Ventus. I understand Sora duh, but why Ventus? I thought since Roxas had immense rage over Xion's 'demise' he was able to use Xion's. Can someone clear this up or further explain both why it is Ventus and not Xion's?
  8. I am confused though. What about the old folktale of the light from Kairi's grandmother? The light that people fought over, was Kingdom Hearts and existed before Sora ever did. When KH was locked away all the worlds split a part from one another and only people old enough to know about the original Keyblade war (Master Xehanort, Master Eraqus, Yen Sid and Kairi's gma) know the secrets of the worlds and true legend. This being said, when KH was locked away, does HMK or this theory suggest that KH was locked away into Sora's body/as a part of his soul right away? Plus a minor detail about the unversed is that they were created by Vanitas specifically, go back as he said "Yes I created these monsters to lure you and your friends away from your castle/world." (not 100% accurate but pretty close from my understanding) And yes, you say the Unverse did feed off Vanitas 'Negative emotions and Negativity in general', but Vanitas was completely dark and evil (dark part of Ventus heart) and he alone was the one who created them. The reason why once he was defeated inside Ventus, the Unversed have ceased to exist.
  9. With E3 2014 on the horizon and Nomura saying both FF and KH should be excited, I wish not to be the 'Debby downer' but to warn us all. We all know KH3 is a ways away, no matter on what fence you are on; either you cheer 'get it out soon' or 'its worth the wait, work on it.' We all like to point out details in development trailers or beta/alpha game play videos leading up to the release date. And I am pretty sure most people on the internet have beaten a dead horse over the first shown trailer on KH III, but not getting into that. Some of us really don't remember the first development trailers and advertisements for KH 1 and KH 2, but since the internet now has an abundant amount of information and is easier to share, we can take a look back at what they used to be and compare the before and after. Yes of course there are spoliers, sorry don't know how to make the spoiler button yet. First KH1 beta trailer: Ouch right? Despite the scary faces of all the character models and 'Square Soft' (haven't seen that in a while), there a lot of things different from this trailer compared to the final game. Things such as, scenes that were removed, potential differences in plot "We must save Sora", and worlds removed (Disney Castle at 1:05). And sure, this can be said for many franchises with their first game in the series, it'll look completely different. This video was released at E3 in 2001 almost a full year before its release in 2002. Some more proof to my point as we move onto the KH 2 days. First KH2 trailer (from 2003): Pretty spot on, except for three details; one major and tow not so major. If you played the game you'll notice some Twilight Town scenes shown were different in the final game (chasing the Nobody) and the scene where Sora & gang meet Org. 13 for the first time is WAY different. Also you can see more heartless in the awesome 1000 heartless Hallow Bastion fight scene that were left out, and potentially Sora was going to fight along side Goofy and Donald. "Come on, those were the glory PS2 days. SE was still early on making content for the franchise, can't blame them back then. The trailers for the newer games were not that bad." OH REALLY? I would argue the newer trailers were just as bad, if not worse at showing anything close to a final product. Feast your eyes on these baby's BBS Beta Trailer (teased 2008, game released 2010) - KH3D (teased 2011, game releasedd 2012) - You could say these last two trailers (and the last two new games released by SE) were way off from the final products, by both plot and major visual details. BBS: What seems to be Terra and Ventus talking about their future and Ven asking what seems to be Aqua to end him, at the beach of Destiny Island??? KH3D: Heartless, wait, there were zero heartless in 3D and multiple sora's dropping down in district 2 of Traverse Town? Which Traverse Town is completely insignificant and is not at all where Sora and Riku meet Xemnas or Ansem SOD. Plus the drop meter looks way under developed. Plus the flowmotion looked faster, and honestly better in my opinion. So what does this all mean? Well, what I believe truly is that no matter what SE releases in the next year or so leading up to KH3, don't think for a second it will make the final cut of the game or what you see could still potentially be in progress and made better by the time the game is out. If you see something happening in a certain location, it can change, if you see someone in a certain outfit, it can change, if you see a certain location, it can change. Maybe Sora won't be able to leap or jump on top of heartless in KH III, maybe Sora won't pick up Master Eraqus' keyblade at Destiny Island or at all for that matter.It is all fun and games to speculate, but based on SE history, they are a bunch of 'cock' teases when it comes to trailers. (Sorry for the language)
  10. My best friend knows I play KH and he knows about the franchise because I talk about it so much. He expressed interest and I asked him if he wants to start to play the series I would lend him the games, but because of college he won't start anything till summer (which I am hoping HD 2.5 Remix to be out by). SO, if 2.5 is out by then should I have him start playing by chronological timeline order (start with BBSFM) to make it more clear (ha yeah right)? Or with 1.5 Remix first (KHFM)? I debate this because most of the fans have played the game out of timeline order some how and still manage to get a grip on the story and love the games.
  11. I have a theory: What if at the time of 3D's story there really are not a full 13 Seekers of Darkness (or Xehanorts) decided? At the time Sora was going to be the 13th official member and 12th vessel. What if in KH3 the gang stop Master Xehanort and his true incarnations (Xemnas, Ansem SOD, Young Xehanort) before the guardians of light and seekers of darkness could meet together to start the Keyblade War? This could be a way for SE and Nomura to get out of trying to come up with 'new' vessels, finish the Xehanort Saga and for more story to be told after KH3 (with Xehanort and 3 others specifically defeated leaving possibilities of Xigbar, Isa or others still at large). It does seem highly unlikely with the scene that was shown in DDD of the seats filled, but MX could be bluffing and trying to fool us by putting up clones in hooded cloaks? If he wanted Sora so bad why didn't he send more of the vessels after Mickey, Lea, Riku, Donald and Goofy. The seekers clearly had Mickey and company outnumbered and would of destroyed them. MX did say he had planned things out this far to welcome himself back as a real complete person, but after this destiny would take its course, or as Axel stated "you forgot to write the sequel... Now lets see what happens!" This was all just an attempt to convert one additional guardian of light to his side (MX explained how Terra belonged to him still), if he was successful it would be a plus for him. If he didn't it no harm done and he knew eventually 13 vs. 7 would happen. He was pressed for time, which is I guess is what the plot allotted for and he failed to unite the '13'. Even if he did get Sora to his team, the 7 guardians of light were not in attendance so it would be pointless to start fighting. But since Lea saved the day, Xehanort still has to get one more to addition of his seekers of darkness and which I thought was a bluff all along. It would be amazing to fight 13 different enemies, seekers, or bosses but I don't think it'll actually happen. I don't know just a feeling a have or maybe its too late for me to actually make sense anymore. Like someone said before in another thread that we shouldn't count Maleficent out of the fight, she could interrupt MX. Also with the help of former Org 13 members and Disney villains from before; Hades, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, etc. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Idk.
  12. Right, but those all were final mix games. When the final mix games were being made, the story and characters for the next major installment were already thought of. Plus all three secret boss characters (Xemnas, Terra, and YX) were cloaked and hiding their true identity, Julies was out and in the open. You pointing this out just shows that the SE team didn't know the KH3 story yet and during the production of DDD they put a secret/additional boss in the game that meant nothing of major importance.IF and this is a major if, they make a FM DDD maybe they might add an unknown member of Organization 13.
  13. I would love to have a new world, whether it is Daybreak Town or another, most games have 'overworlds' or a starting point where the player spends most of their time/begins their journey. It just sounds weird using overworld to describe Traverse Town and Twilight Town, yes we do spend a lot of time there and story progresses there some but for KH there are usually multiple of these 'mini overworlds' (and there are worlds in general). In KH1 we start in Destiny Island, then Traverse Town, off to Hollow Bastion and End of the World. CoM is a good example of Castle Oblivion, being the overworld of that game. Basically I hope whatever new KH world they make next is just as memorable as those two (in my honest opinion 3D kind of ruined Traverse Town a bit... I know it was a Dream Version but still...)I liked the one theory someone said that Daybreak Town could be an earlier version of The World That Never Was (like Radiant Garden to Hollow Bastion and back to Radiant Garden), Daybreak could of been a world that was turned over due to the Keyblade War. But I always thought The World That Never Was was just a play on words on how Nobodys don't exist and the world they inhabit with their castle doesn't exist either. We will never know due to the game (KHx) being such in a flux of unknown, both by language barrier to NA/EU and yet to see 'endings'.
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