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  1. Well...One more month to save up some money for games
  2. Several titles on this list or mentioned here are absolutely worthy of having a sequel especially F-Zero but my vote was for another one because there is only one game I want to see developed GOLDEN SUN 4!
  3. I am soooo happy they announced this i was almost crying when i heard that ATLUS stopped working with NISA after Odin Sphere. I am a huge Etrian Odyssey Fan and also trying to get into Persona so i am really happy to see that the game can still reach Europe.
  4. Still nothing for Europe :angry:Weell more time for me to play P4 Golden :biggrin:
  5. I love these films and would love to see Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Laputa. If it does happen I think the filmes that have the best chances is Sprited Away eventhough Mononoke would make a AWESOME storyline for Kingdom Hearts. I actually had an idea once how this would play out for all of these films. I had this in mind several times and maybe Sheeta could have learned some ancient Laputa-magic from her grandmother too.
  6. None of those I want a concert in Germany........because i could MAYBE afford it to go there also Hamburg, Berlin or Munch have good concert halls. And i would add Sydney too.
  7. Okay it could be but i think if it is something new at all maybe a possible thrid entry it would be better to have it as a third party launch title for NX. However, this does not rule out that it still can come to wiiu too. It has a chance i won't deny it, but looking at the situation it could end this way or different. It would be nice to have a new Okami though .
  8. Uhhm...Okami is published by Capcom not Bandai Namco :blink:Still, I would like to see a wonderful game like okami making it on the wii U especially with the HD remaster which could be ported (and Hexa Drive who made the remaster are familiar with the WiiU because they were involved in WWHD), maybe in combination with okamiden as ds vc title? But I think it is unlikely because with all the talk about the NX I don't think they will do a lot for the wiiu, sadly.
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