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  1. I don't think anyone has said anything about it here, but the podcast ended. It has been a constant in my following the series for almost 10 years. They will be sorely missed. Is anyone going to take the torch?
  2. Ah thanks, I thought it was over already, the notice says 8:30 pm PT.
  3. Can anyone play the European version?, still get the maintenance notice.
  4. I downloaded the apk and it says "wait some hour" after I tap the main menu.
  5. Thanks for the translation, I hope the include the "making of" stuff on the game as a bonus.
  6. I expected a little more, specially images or more visual stuff but probably is my fault for expecting something more with TGS and the other D23 event so close.
  7. So Nomura is not that involved with KHIII?, I wonder if he is being put in a corner by S-E. At least we know that the Tokyo team knows how to do a KH game very well.
  8. Thanks, too bad no question about KHIII but I guess Square didn't allow it.
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