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  1. i love the the phantom, its so fun to beat!
  2. dont worry the final mix is tons better than kh 1 (not final mix)
  3. Exactly thank u Sora96 it does have more content!
  4. the bosses were even hareder on easy mode. i almost died the beginning of some battles and get hit and have one hp left. example: Hades. Melificents dragon
  5. I think kh 1.5 remix is way better than kh 1. i like the more experience from enemies and bosses. The bosses are harder. Extra scenes. new keyblades. much better than kh 1. Anyone agree?
  6. fine! i like kh 1 final mix re: chain of memories remastered better than re: chain of memories
  7. Do u guys think the data battles, or Terra be hard in kh 2.5 final mix, i know Terra will be!
  8. Nintendo is pretty awesome, and that game looks awesome!
  9. you guys gotta be kidding me in kh 1 final mix there is kh 1 final mix, re chain of memories, or 358/2 days. i am talking about re: chain of memories! Obviously
  10. i am talking about re: chain of memories kh1 final mix! duh
  11. I like Re chain of memories final mix better that regular re: chain of memories, more extra items! cant wait for KH 2 final mix! Anyone agree! i know i do
  12. The graphics in the final mix movie 358 days is much much better, anyone agree with me?
  13. I like hyrule warriors, havent played it, looks awesome!
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