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  1. Will the novels still continue? I really, really enjoyed them and I really wanted to read the KH2 novel
  2. I hope we get to play as Kairi for the tutorial and then Sora the remainder of the game and play as other characters in certain situations (like Mickey and Riku in KH2)
  3. 1) most wanted: Sora and Kairi kiss or at least a romantic moment 2) longer game 3) Namine and Roxas become their own person somehow 4) I want to see Sora angry, he's always wicked happy but I want to see him get absolutely furious about something 5) some kinda big sacrifice 6) frozen, tangled and toy story world Basically I want this game to be completely epic and unexpected.
  4. I'm not even gonna argue about Sokai vs. Soriku. So sick of trying to point out the obvious. If I thought my best friend was dead and had no idea where they were then yeah I'd prolly cry too once I found her and I'm not in love with her, I love her like a sister which is how I view Sora and Riku's relationship, they're like brothers. Sora constantly fantasized about Kairi, got on his knees and begged to be brought to her, gave up his life for her with no questions asked, drew the paopu fruit in the cave and so on. I would only do those things if it were for my husband. I'm not saying people can't have opinions but it's irritating to me when people are like "NOO SORA LOVES RIKU. ITS GONNA HAPPEN". Just no. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but that is mine.
  5. No it's not gonna happen If there's any romance in KH it's gonna be with Sora and Kairi
  6. I had a dream last night I beat KH3 and they kissed in the end. I hope they do, been waiting for far too long
  7. I absolutely, undoubtedly want this. this is my number one wish for KH3. Although I do understand when people say they want her character developed more. I'm really hoping she'll have more of a role in KH3 and appear a hell of a lot more.
  8. I like the idea of the world but I don't think they really need to turn Sora into an animal for that world
  9. I absolutely agree with the Beauty and the Beast. It honestly bugged me he didn't appear at all yet. Gaston is my favorite disney villain cuz he's such a jackass that it's hilarious to me. I saw a video of someone saying that Emperor's New Groove, Treasure Planet and Atlantis were confirmed on IMBd with the voice actors there but I went to look myself and it was there and a couple weeks later it was gone. A couple other things were on there but I don't remember what. Once again I don't know if it's true.
  10. I love Atlantis and really want that in but because of the film's reputation, I woudlnt be surprised if it didn't make it in. But I could see it fitting in well. Wonderland I absolutely hated but I wouldn't be surprised if they put it in. Agrabah and Atlantica I wouldn't really miss because we've seen them so much but I wouldn't mind them. I've heard rumors about Treasure Planet and Emperor's New Groove being put in but I don't think its been confirmed. I really hope for Frozen and Toy Story. Big Hero 6, I only say that because I remember seeing somewhere Nomura was excited to see the movie
  11. Oh no, I definitely don't think they'll all make it in, this is just what I can see making it in.
  12. Okay I know there's a million forums on this but I wanted to start my own. This is a list of worlds I expect or want in KH3. These are just the disney worlds. I'm already expecting Twilight Town, Keyblade Graveyard, Radiant Garden, Destiny Islands and Castle Oblivion Toy Story Agrabah Atlantica (don't really care but I'm expecting it) Tangled (really really want) Frozen Enchanted Domain Castle of Dreams Dwarf Woodlands Wonderland (I don't want this but I see it making it in) Lilo and Stitch world Pride Lands The Jungle Book Treasure Planet Emperor's New Groove Atlantis Hunchback of Notre Dame Pocahontas Neverland (I want Sora to bring Kairi here finally) Brave Big Hero 6 Port Royal Wreck it Ralph The Black Cauldron Beast's Castle (hopefully the village too) I know this list is long and I dont think there will be that many worlds but this just what I could see making it in.
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