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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Now I'm torn... I've never used potions in BBS, and I never had the thought to do that. I'm not that great at Kingdom Hearts, so that seems like a stretch. I think I'll stick to one cure spell per deck. It would make the game certainly interesting, but not that weird type of difficult where you have to memorize literally every attack pattern. This run I'm doing isn't about making it as hard as possible, it's about making a balanced play-through.
  2. I agree, open-world games substitute freedom to explore for a good story. Though anything that does both would be welcomed in open arms.
  3. I found that using counters is extremely overpowered, and in the game it ended up with me using them every two seconds, I found the prospect of using them more tedious than anything else. Though I do agree with you that two cures being two lenient. Changing it to one.
  4. This is... This is beautiful.
  5. Roxas, I mean how cool would it be to be a depressed kid in somebody else's shadow?! ...Oh wait.
  6. Oh and I forgot to mention, for BBSFM, I'm only using the original shotlocks for their respective characters. Shotlocks are super overpowered, so I'm trying to balance that.
  7. Twilight town is beauuuutiful! Everytime I hear the instrumentals, (Which'll be even prettier thanks to 2.5) I feel all nostalgic and happy! And there's so much to explore and it's all so nice and cute and ugh I love it so much.
  8. The problem with open-world games is that they substitute a larger game with a good story. The only game that I'll believe had both an open-world and an amazing story is Witcher 3, and that's not even out yet.
  9. Wow, I doubted they would actually dub the CoM fights, that's wonderful, though I'm gonna miss Larxene's psycho laugh...
  10. So I've been on this site for a long time, but I never really made an account, and one day I got bored and worked up the courage, and well, here I am. I'd just like your opinions on a challenge run I drafted for both Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts 2. Please tell me if I should add or subtract anything, or just keep it the same! Challenge run KH2FM: -Critical Mode -Kingddom Key only -Unequip any party healing abilities -No Limits -No Limit Form (unless grinding toward obtaining dodge roll.) -No growth abilities (except dodge roll) -No reflect -All rules apply until the final boss is killed, anything afterword is considered to be endgame material, and endgame rules are subject to change. Challenge run BBSFM: -Critical Mode -Original keyblade only, exp. Earthshaker, Rainfell, Wayward Wind. -Only use abilities that coincide with characters element. Terra = earth, Ventus = air, Aqua = water. Rule subject to change if not plausible. -Only two Cure spells per character -No counters -All rules apply until the final boss is killed, anything afterword is considered to be endgame material, and endgame rules are subject to change.
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