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  1. Really nice! Thoughtful and not rushed, nice fight.
  2. Hope for a BbS remake with KH2 gameplay system... this would be the KH game killer.
  3. Don't even know why you people watch him. Personally I would like to see gameplays without commentary of people who's going to play a game to complete it 100% and showing all its possible content, if I can say two names: RelaxingEnd for shooters and Fps and Everglow for KH series, for exaples. Damn I don't know this guy but if he thinks he's going to be funny failing all day long he's quite stupid. Man I'm watching a gameplay to see the story going further not to watch you getting stuck 15 minutes on a Dark Souls boss...
  4. In my opinion Aqua and Ventus won't grow older. One is lost in the realm of Darkness and there is no time, and one in in a chamber in a endless slumber. BTW I hope they'll even if Aqua's style won't change much
  5. Also the enemies in Caverne Of Remembrance may change every time you enter. Magic Phantom and Necromancer are found in the first room, Aerial Champ and Lance Warrior in the machinery room instead.
  6. He sucks so much I can't even stand watching the video
  7. Hair physics. Or probably hair swapping like Roxas' and Ventus'. Well, minor error to be sure.
  8. I did the one in Halloween Town even if I needed a few tries. But I have to say, in my KH2 Guide there is written to do the Bailey method!
  9. Devastators and Living Bones. In a run in those two worlds with all my Lucky Lucky equipped I usually pick 2 to 4 of them.
  10. I too had problems with this. But, in order to complete journals, I sat there, learning the songs and the scheme, and how to get excellent, so I could do more errors. BTW the first times I nearly missed them all and I didn't know why
  11. Now that I beated them both, I could say: no one. Since the game mechanichs are so different in my opinion, there is no stronger boss. KHBbS is frenetic and you have the Secret Bosses always attacking you whenever they can, KH2 is more dinamic and as you can see the Lingering Will always waits 1 and a half second before attacking again. BTW, there is no doubt in saying that they're the strongest bosses in their own games. But if I still have to choose, Mysterious Figure. More frustrating, it took more attemps.
  12. Actually you can't complete the journal without fighting him so, just beat Xemnas and then he'll be unlocked!
  13. News: I was also able to complete Terra's journal, Command Board minigame being the last thing unlocked. Now in the Trio Journal next to Terra there is the glowing symbols representing Eraqus' disciple. How nice!
  14. I had no idea. That's why he was so hard to beat. I used Terra with EVERY ability equipped. Dangit that's why he NEVER used the cross attack that's so easy to dodge...
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