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  1. Oh, I just sorta thought the names were based off of the origin of it all like xehanort nobody and heartless and the 3_ missing friends aqua, Terra and ventus. I also thought it might be Ansel the wise because he saw the armour and commented on it. I never knew xemnas was familiar with aqua or even the organization members when they were whole.
  2. Crit mode kh2,5 atm

  3. (Contains Spoilers) Hello Fellow Keyblade wielders! I have a theory to tell you all today. The info I'm about to share has no photage by me at the moment, if requested, I shall record my explanation including examples. Most of us have played kh2 correct? And most have played it on kh2.5? So I'm sure some of us are aware of the 2.5 exclusive cutscene just before the demyx battle in hallow bastion.(Spoiler) The cutscene with the mysterious figure going up to ansems CPU and inserting a disk then typing "Another" and commences on typing a list of names,words etc. Then he proceeds downstairs where he strolls along a long slope into a hallway where he enters a room with aquas armour and keyblade and says "its been a long time friend" *or something like that*. Well I'm here explain my point of view, I think when he or she *you never know* was typing the list of names or words etc., the names were XEHANORT, AQUA, VENTUS, TERRA, ANSEM and XEMNAS, the names fit perfectly so I don't really know...I was just curious to see what you guys think. Let me know and share your ideas!
  4. Well yes I know that, but this is becoming more of a final fantasy title more than a magical disney adventure as shown in kingdom hearts 1The story is deeper and characters get older and the setting moves towards a older audience
  5. Hey guys, i'm bringing this topic due to the content of the leading Kingdom Hearts games and what i see what is about to happen in Kingdom Hearts 3. According to several websites and LORE, in the first Kingdom Hearts game, Sora is 14 years old. And after the events of Kingdom hearts 1 and Chain of Memories, Sora turns 15 in Kingdom hearts 2. Now in the kingdom hearts series, we get no clue of Sora's parents or his life after age 4 in Birth By Sleep or before untill age 4 in Kingdom Hearts 1 when he is 14. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora has explaimed on many different occasions his true colors... In which i mean his more aggresive side. for example, in Kingdom hearts 2 when sora back talks Hades and calls him a "Low Life", i think Sora had his point made then and there saying Hades was nothing more than...Nothing. He also shows what we may call " Being Salty" when he first meets the organization in Hallow Bastion on the first visit in Kingdom hearts2. He covers up for the things he doesn't understand with childish come backs. And since in Kingdom hearts 1 the game was fresh and new, the story with all of the other titles was still a blur and giving kingdom hearts 1 a Disney and a Square Enix final fantasy appeal, but through out the games, the story gets darker and darker which makes the game lose its Disney appeal. Now that Sora as we can assume is going to be 16 when Kingdom Hearts 3 is out and as I have also heard is the its the last of the Xehanort saga and in which we can expect the return of Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. See now, we can also assume that Ventus was also 15 or 14 in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Slep and 10 years had passed between khbbs and Kingdom hearts1, so Ventus will be 24 or 25 and aqua and Terra will be maybe 26 or 27. I can see less Disney and more Square Enix when it comes to story-line and development I wont be surprised if there is more stronger language and the violence become more at hand... This is all of my opinion on what i see the future production of Kingdom hearts. I would love to see what all you guys think of this speculation. please share your ideas
  6. You all have amazing forms I only have two forms so heres my other one FORM:Beseker form Color: Bosten University Red & violet Assets n stuff: The clouthing will be simular to valour form but instead of the seal of crusade on the knee of the valour forms pants, there will be music notes and the wielder will be given headphones. The combos leading to the finishing move will be based off the theme of kingdom hearts 1 simple and clean, it will be based off the beat and rhytm of the song, the finishing move will be the wielder crashing down into the ground with both keyblades which creates a big circle of music The clouths glow purple and red at the same time btw
  7. (I didnt see a post like this so I started this one, please let me know if there is one like this) I spent some time thinking about my anime fantasies or just made up role play, but I recently came up with my very own kingdom hearts drive form. It had led me to wonder "Maybe my fellow keyblade wielding friends also have their own forms" I on a personal note would love to hear everybody elses ideas about ideas and if possible, post a picture *if you post a form of your own, please state the color of clouthing (specific if possible) and its specialty for ex. Wisdom Azure blue Magic with rapid fire* Or something like that Heres mine Name:Chrono form Color: Canaray Yellow Specialty: Time magic Assets and movement: The way this form works is that the wielder has 1 keyblade in either hand and a levitating clock in other hands. In combat, the clock rotates around the wielder and strikes the opponent while the wielder performs a rush combo againts the enemy. At the end of a air or a land combo, the user cast slow. The further the form is leveled, the power of slow will progress to timeza (is that even a thing, I heard mickey say it when I played ddd) Picture
  8. I beat luxord today feb 12 around 3:00 to 4:00 and the stradegy that I had used was to wait or stall untill there was a chance to begin game or use a finishing move. When the game starts I kiiinda wait for things to get slow, then when the X is on command 4 I mash the X button (on controller) as fast as I can...I kept at it and kept dying at his last resort when he does thing thing with the wall of cards and you have to get all 4 four with O, normally the first 2 are easy then the 3rd might mess you up then last but not least is the 4 command, WHICH IS TOOOO FAST, so I blank my mind and randomly hit the x button as soon as I saw x on the command which helps because before I hit x during a game my thumb fidgets. After so and completing a finishing move, I witnessed luxord death and showerd in glory as I drank a AP boost. I dunno if that helps but that was my plan
  9. Really confusednon what to do in kh2.5

    1. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      What's so confusing?

    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      And welcome to the site! ^_^ I just noticed you're new here. xD

    3. WakingDawn96


      What are you having problems with? Also, since you are new there are some words you must listen to: https://33.media.tumblr.com/bafd012f43bd31c79c28fe5d15e862b4/tumblr_nh3qiyg93d1tr0o2xo1_500.gif

  10. Thank you all for the warm welcolm!
  11. Welcome to KH13!!!

  12. Hey Guys! Im Loada. Many call me Blaze but I like the name loada (lowd uh). I am 12 years old, now just because im 12 doesnt mean im reckless with a keyblade! My intrest: Video games, anime, manga, food and nerdy stuff Intresting things: im really great at drawing and im a really friendly guy! The christmas of 2014, I got a ps3 just so I could play kingdom hearts 2.5 -w- As you can tell im a huge kingdom hearts fan! Just like all of you! ( I also drew my own prof pic on my 3ds) Ive played all kinhdom hearts games except kingdom hearts 1... If there are any questions you want to ask, just ask and dont be afraid, whether its to add me on something or a personal question. Thank you for letting me on this site
  13. Just joined recently...

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      Aru Akise

      Well, then Welcome. DOn't touch Soul xD

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      If you have any doubts, don't hesitate in asking anyone ^^


      Have fun here in KH13 :D

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