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  1. Hey there Fright! How's it going?

  2. The sympony of socery was pretty great. i really loved the music and how interactive and pretty it was. but i also really love how bright and colorful the pranksters paridise was. twilight town was pretty cool with all the grafitti....this is a really hard question actually..damn.
  3. and bribing kids is? also none taken my family is pretty harsh in a lot of its actions. its cool I just think other people go way to easy on children. there not as delicate as people like to think.
  4. I don't see why parents don't just do what my grandma did and play boogeyman. She would hide under the bed or in the closet or behind the window tapping and scratching and making creepy noises giving the kids in my family a scare when they firetrucked up. we normally didn't have the problem again. my family never really did santa. Sora has spent to long in Neverland he cant grow up.
  5. I still think its interesting with the whole Santa...mythos, none of it is really concreate or consistent. It seems like its more what the PLOT or gag needs honestly. and if I'm being completely honest I have always had this thing against Santa. Does anyone else find him creepy? Breaking into peoples houses, constantly watching and judging you. and the rules he has aren't even really there. maybe you'll be firetrucked over maybe you wont. WHO KNOWS. but in all honesty Isnt sora a little old for santa?
  6. only using it because I'm kidding around. I wanted this thread to be a little rediculas while still proving my point in all honesty but that's beside the point. this is'nt just in the kingdom hearts game though. in the movie elf. buddies dad is on the naughty list. he doesn't have to appoligize to be switched over he just has to help Santa Sora saved Santa and countless others he has done countless good deeds, hes constantly putting others and there needs before his own. seriously I don't remember all the things Ive said when I was a kid. can we honestly expect sora too? expecially with his memories getting slowly erased and rewritten in COM. and all the things he has gone threw and done. when your a kid you make mistakes you do stupid shit. Santa is just being really unforgiving with this grudge
  7. The station of awaking serves both a practical and storyline purpos in all games. its a way to look inside the characters while being kinda a way to get used to new gameplay mechanics/ story themes/ introducing us to diffrent elements of things. not to mention its pretty visually appealing and something thats become kind of tradition in the games. i honestly dont see why it wouldnt be.
  8. then RIGHT when you get to know roxas and are ok with him. all the sad stuff and hes gone. it sucked. but I get used to a character or a person and you try to force me to interact with someone new and I normally always have a hard time adjusting at first.
  9. Face it Santa is as salty as firetruck.
  10. so soras responsible for roxas's mistakes to? cut the kid some slack also santa can watch millions of children and he cant keep his eye on sora or see him just because hes constantly moving around.. that doesn't make since. key words you used is possible, ive seen worse children get put on the naughty list in movies and books and stuff. sora may not be perfect I can think of sometimes hes firetrucked up. but hes only human and I really think all the good things hes done. and these aren't any small feet by any means saving a ton of worlds OVER AND OVER AND OVER. constantly helping others. defeteing countless enimes and stuff. sora is constantly working to help others.al but it doesn't matter because he said he didn't belive in santa? you can not belive in a lot of things and they'll still happen but not santa apparently also have you seen how exited sora is to see santa? most 15 year old boys aren't going to be this exited to see santa EXPECIALLY if they didn't belive in him. there doesn't seem like theres any doubt in soras mind hes really getting into it. this doesn't look like a kid that doesn't belive is my point. when I played the game the whole. your on the naughty list. didn't feel right on any level. lol
  11. It's Sora for me, he has always been my favorite. I don't always really talk about why he is my favorite because it's really personal and a little hard to talk about. see when I was 6 I had this friend his name was Ben. Ben was a year older than me at 7. Ben was always so upbeat and nice he was really adventurous constantly dragging me along on his adventures. if you needed help he was there with a smile. Ben was always smiling. When I was little I was really timid and quiet and I got picked on a lot, and my friend was always there he was pretty protective with me, or any other person that needed his help. he was a really good kid. I don't really want to talk about what happened from there but lets just say there was accident (its the easiest way to say it without having to go into detail) . The end result of this left the first friend I ever had comatose. he didn't wake up...I still really miss him. What this has to do with Sora though, is he REALLY reminds me of my old friend I had. When I played Kingdom Hearts for the first time, I felt like I had my friend back. I felt like I was going on a adventure with Ben again. Then the longer I played and the more I got to know the character the more I liked him for him. Like Ben, Sora made me want to be a better person. And like Ben I really love the way he carries himself. I love how nice Sora is, how no matter what happens he stays for the most part pretty upbeat. I have always looked up to him. when I was younger and still in a abusive home i would pretend to be him, and if i was going to do a good job pretending. then i had to get through this and try to stay upbeat and brave and all that stuff. Sora made me want to push myself out there and try new things and make friends. despite wanting to just wanting to seal myself up and stick to myself because of all the abuse i went threw growing up. Soras also what kind of gave me a bit of closure with my friend i guess. even though when i saw little Sora, i admitadly started crying ( older Sora reminds me enough of Ben..just idk) You guys probably think i sound dumb or weird for saying all this stuff, like i said i really don't talk about this normally. but i don't know, Sora and the game itself has gotten me threw a lot of really rough points in my life. and Kingdom hearts means a lot to me.
  12. So Sora has saved countless worlds and people, locked all the keyholes, defeated countless Heartless and Nobodies. is constantly doing things to help others and he is on the Naughty List? Santa what is your deal? anyone else think this is bullshit?
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