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  1. I think it's the best game so far because lots of new game play mechanics that were added in like drive forms, it also did a lot for the storyline
  2. Since Disney worlds don't usually go with the film's oringal plot/storyline, a part of the story could be heartless are trying to infect memories and turn them into dark memories by touching the memory orbs. We have to try and stop them by going through all of the film's locations and fight heartless. That being said, I think it should be like Monstro in KH1 where there really isn't a main protaginist from the movie (I don't think there is one in Inside Out), it should just be a big heartless boss or something creative that refers to the movie. This probably won't happen but there is always a possibility of it happening.
  3. Just a question that any one can answer, do video games like KH (where it's made in japan) always have seperate release dates between Japan and U.S.? Or is it only this series?
  4. I really want this game to be dark so a cool idea would be seeing all the Disney worlds in complete chaos and destruction while being plugned into the realm of darkness. I mean explosions and burning buildings. You could see NPCs running around and the sky a dark colour and lightning storms similar to what happened to destiny islands in KH1. I pictured the Disney Castle one of the most light filled places, under attack like the Audiene Chamber and even Mickey's office in destrction with books burning etc.. Each of the worlds would be evneloped in complete darkness.
  5. As everyone knows after completeing worlds KH games, you would usually be rewarded with a Keyblade that contains certain powers/abilities. Not to mention a distinct look of a Keyblade from a specific world that reflects that specific world somehow. Though only 3 worlds have been confirmed for KH3, I was wondering your guy's ideas for the new Keyblades in KH3. Post some Keyblade Ideas, with different powers or transformation ideas! Upload some pictures of what you think could work in the game and would look great if Sora were to use it in battle! Get inspiration from the Disney films you love and incorperate a unique Keyblade that would be worth unlocking after completing that world! I don't know if there's a thread on this already so sorry if there is!
  6. I loved Drive forms in KH2. Don't get me wrong. It's just in the E3 trailer, Sora already looked unstoppable, I feel like if Drive Forms are added it could be overkill. If they were to add Drive Forms, I'd want them to take one other ability out like flow motion or something else. I'm for anything that won't make the game seem like too much.
  7. San Fransokyo from 'Big Hero 6' and Andy's Room from 'Toy Story'. Both worlds would have such vibrant colours and the types heartless for the worlds would be crazy. So many varieties of enemies could be created. Now that they have the oppurtinity to use large worlds, San Fransokyo can really show off the new engine they are using. The city itself could already be big enough but maybe they could include areas like the Institute of Technology or the Small Island near the city. Andy's room could be devided into smaller sections like under the bed, on Andy's table, on top of the bed, or the whole house could even be included too. You could team up with baymax (assuming he's in his gear) or team up with Buzz or Woody (though I don't know what powers Woody could have). The possibilities are basically endless with ideas for storylines, enemies and mini games/sidequests with these worlds. Not to mention if Square come up with badass Keyblade designs/transformations, this would make these worlds x1000 better. I hope one of these worlds is announced at D23 this year!!!
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