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  1. Thank you for the like! i'm not sure, my style just kinda developed over time. I was mostly influenced by the soul eater art style.
  2. Thank you! i haven't used KH13 too much yet so this is the first i'm hearing of it, but id love to
  3. HI, I recently started doing commissions for people in the Kingdom Hearts community, it's been difficult trying to get exposure to my work and thought it might be a good idea to post my work here and my prices if anyone would be interested in some custom art, whether it be for their YouTube channel or role playing stories. Commission prices: £20 full body £15 waist £10 bust if you are interested in a commission or If you just like my art and want to follow it in the future here are my links: twitter.com/TheAphlex thealphlex.deviantart.com www.youtube.com/TheAlphlex
  4. Apologies for the lack Kingdom Hearts, but i was wondering if you guys could help me out. I am currently in the process of doing an EPQ on animation at my college and was wondering if i could get a few peoples views on my question. Thank you very much for any help you are able to give. The chosen question is as above "Could Animation be considered art in the same manner as paintings or a piece of music would be?" i look forward to hearing peoples thoughts on this - Alphlex
  5. Due to the inclusion of the world ends with you characters in KH3D, being the first non final fantasy, disney or original KH characters in the series, it got me thinking what other series i would like to see in the future if they chose to go this route. it's entirely possible for more series to join especially as we start to run out of Disney worlds.The way i see this going down is it could happen if Xehanort was to win the final the battle at the conclusion of KH3, splitting the worlds up again allowing for pixar films and other square franchises to be apart of the KH series from the games to follow. pretty sho' that is already a theory in itself. But i would love to see cameos of the likes of Ringabell and Edea from Bravely Default having there own little side story in Hollow Bastion. However, I understand people wanting to keep the series away from all that stuff, it's just a thought. What possible Square Enix characters would you like to see in future kingdom hearts games?
  6. none of these have been confirmed they are just voice actor guesses from what we've heard in the trailerIra - Matthew Mercer (Sinbad, Captain Levi, Alvin)Aced - Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang, Yu Kanda, Free)Gula - Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse Elric, Leonardo Watch, Hibiki Lates) / Todd Haberkorn (Death the Kid, Natsu Dragneel, Judar)Invi - Ava - Mysterious organization coat guy -
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