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  1. Considering how much we have already seen from Olympus I feel like that would be the best world to let the lucky buggers a chance to play.
  2. So when he talks about the size of worlds, is he saying that perhaps there will be less worlds that are much larger? I mean 6 or so massive Disney worlds and 4 or more original worlds would be cool. But I do hope that I am interpreting that part wrong.
  3. I think Pete looked fantastic! There was so much more detail in his model. I would have liked to see him in a new outfit though. But I think he looked great. Probably would go Hades next as he looked on point but it's not hard to make Hades look good. I don't know if it is just me but I really do not like the look of the Organization coats. They just look so thick and fake I don't know, might just be me.
  4. Hmm, I am really excited for the new trailer regardless of what it showcases however, I find it weird how Famitsu have praised it so much causing massive hype as well as Nomura hyping it up then all of a sudden saying oh but wait it will only be normal news so don't get too hyped. The only thing that would blow my mind is a release bracket. In terms of gameplay/graphics I am already prepared for the best quality available but a release bracket I don't think I will ever expect that at the end of a Kingdom Hearts III trailer so that would blow me away. But I won't get my hopes up. Bring on July 15th and more juicy KHIII footage alongside a bunch of analysis videos by the X-Keepers!
  5. Man I am so excited!!! I don't even think Tales of Zestiria or Dragon Quest Heroes can keep me pccupied knowing that this is literally 2 and a half weeks away. Can't even wait.
  6. Hmm yeah I don't know how I feel about multiple characters. If each character has a relatively long story then yeah I am OK with it but not if it is like BBS or DDD because those games were too short for my liking. I understand the hardware those games are played on aren't the best so I do hope that if multiple characters are playable that the story is still lengthy. I am also up to having those other characters in my party at specific times(not always I tend to miss Donald and Goofy regardless of their help or lack thereof). Either way I will be buying this game regardless of anything.
  7. I personally cannot wait for 2.8. Yeah it has DDDHD which I am not the biggest fan of but still enjoyable. I just really want to try the KHIII engine. If KHIII needs more time and management then I figure why not play something new in the mean time. I will still level Aqua to max level regardless of length and grind. I am hoping KHIII will be 50+ hours. I am so keen to see all these different Keyblade transformations and how each of them are individual. I hope you get a FFVIII themed keyblade again.. I would so love to turn my Keyblade into Doom train.
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